Modern Warfare 3 Vs MW2: AC-130 graphics comparison

Product-Reviews writes: Whatever your feelings may be towards the franchise, you have to say that AC-130 visuals are looking fantastic in the game, especially when you compare it to the same air support in Modern Warfare 2. We have added one screenshot showing the AC-130 on the Paris level below, and also an AC-130 screenshot from Modern Warfare 2 which will give you an idea on Infinity Ward’s graphics improvements.

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tr00p3r2542d ago ShowReplies(2)
NealCaffrey2542d ago

Best comparison ever .


decrypt2540d ago

Why all the complaining?

Anyone looking for a smooth first person shooter on console has a very limited choice. In fact its either Halo or its COD or maybe Rage, there isnt another FPS on console that runs at 60fps.

Console gaming by nature is full of compromises you either chose so so graphics and go with 30fps and 720p or below, Or you go with 630p and really crappy graphics with 60fps game play.

Since most console gamers say gameplay > graphics i suppose COD sales make sense. The ones complaining here are a minority.

mugoldeneagle032540d ago

Your "minority" is bigger than you think. I've disliked the last few CoD's, aside from Black Ops which I thought was at least more balanced. The sole reason for getting it is because I have 10+ friends that buy it every year, and I'll take playing with friends over anything else...even if its for 2-3 months.

And trust me, sales for COD are NOT because of Gameplay > Graphics, but almost all marketing.

The Math:

Create a easy shooter + make rounds quick so people are constantly in the action + spend a shit ton of money marketing = a easily accessible game that sells

Working in retail the last few years, I can tell you that the number of parents that buy this for their kids with the addition of new comers (mostly in mid 30's-40's) who purchase it just because of name alone are far greater than the COD hardcore who buy this for gameplay.

I'll pick up MW3 this fall alongside BF3 because I know I'll have plenty of people to play with, but I think we all know what to expect of MW3...

Ezio20482542d ago

dont care about the comparison as such...
i am getting MW3 day 1.

StanLee2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

You, me and about 5 million others buddy. Can't wait!

@ HAF9212

And you're a little troll. Cry more! LOL.

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e-p-ayeaH2541d ago

The MW3 ac130 pic is from the singleplayer campaign pretty sure about that.

Heartnet2540d ago

aye said so in the description :) but that wont matter :) graphcis still the same in single and multiplayer soo

josephayal2541d ago

Best GRAPHICS of this GEN, wow wow looks incredible! Day 1!!!

Rainstorm812541d ago

u may have forgot the sarcasm tag

Rettom2541d ago

I don't think he is being sarcastic... :/

Poor boy

tr00p3r2541d ago

Perhaps he forgot to check out Caspian Border on Battlefield 3 for PC. :-)

NarooN2541d ago

Best gfx of this gen?


It looks the same as CoD4...And that game wasn't ground-breaking when it came out. Many other games on the console surpass CoD easily, let alone other games on the PC surpassing it with ease on low settings lol.

Seriously, if this guy is serious, then I just don't even know anymore.

Heartnet2540d ago

looks nothing like CoD4... looks like MW2 but deffo not mw1

Kleptic2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

yeah CoD4 definitely has its own look...Much more filtered and 'colder' looking...which I always preferred over MW2...

MW3 looks nearly identical to MW2 entirely...and does not go back to the original color pallet of the first modern warfare...

naroon: CoD4 definitely WAS ground breaking visually when it released...Crysis may have taken the visual crown in 2007, but that was a generation ahead, in a lot of ways, of anything released almost until now...let alone 2007...CoD 4's only true competition in the genre was halo 3...which was visually a joke in comparison...

it still looks good to this day...but when it came out it definitely stood alone other than one other a sea of them...

JBaby3432540d ago

Excellent comment Kleptic. I remember when COD4 came it and it was a HUGE deal because of how good it looked. I was eventually surpassed but at the time it was the best military shooter I had seen and was the first game I can remember to bring parity between the two consoles graphically since all other multiplats up until then were seriously downgraded on the PS3.

COD4 was great fun but since then they have done little to improve on the series so I don't pay attention to COD games anymore.

Noticeably_FAT2540d ago

I really have to disagree, I mean I'm not a graphics whore but I cant go back and play COD4 because it looks so out of date. So the new COD games look nothing like COD4.

I'm excited for the new game, I'm hopeful they have learned their lessons from MW2 and I mostly care about them getting the gameplay right.

NarooN2540d ago

When CoD4 came out in 07, it wasn't groundbreaking. Maybe to console-only gamers, but even then there were titles with better visuals than CoD4 out. Hell, Doom 3 maxed out looked better than CoD4, and don't even get me started on Doom 3 with mods enabled, really puts CoD to shame then.

When I said it looks like CoD4, I meant in terms of overall style, not the color palettes and filters. CoD4 definitely has its own look due to that, but it would be more accurate overall to say it looks just like MW2 (which it does, I see literally no visual improvement over MW2 with MW3).

cooperdnizzle2540d ago

Kleptic, you are crazy. Killzone came out and killed call of duty. Also Metro 2033, on the pc and 360 came out and had better tech then call of duty. I think you should take off the fanboy glasses. lol. Not attacking you just giving my opinion, i don't want to get my account suspended again for nothing. So i just want to make that clear. Good day..... I said good day.

ambientFLIER2540d ago

I am not a PC gamer, so when I first saw COD4 running on my xbox and HDTV in 2007, I was blown away. The ghillie mission and the way Price disappeared in the camo while pressing against a

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chriski3332540d ago

Holy crap this retard is stuck in the past some1 help him out

capcock2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Omfg many people on this site are retarded!
now I understand why people say "sarcasm" after their comments.

I mean could josephayal's sarcasm be more obvious? yet he got 32 disagrees lol.

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