It's Time For The Inevitable GT5 vs. Forza 4 Debate

It's unavoidable. The hardcore racing simulator fans are going to clash: the new Forza 4 is here; does it trounce last year's gem from Polyphony Digital?

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PirateThom2500d ago

Just play whatever one you want.

jony_dols2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

It'll still be interesting to see how GT5 (with the new 2.0 update) fares up against Forza 4.

nix2500d ago

plus driving X2010 is just too cool.

look at this:

i think it's the fastest on Nurburgring Nordschleife.

MaxXAttaxX2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

is awesome.

Dart892500d ago

*Backs up slowly to the back of the room*.
This is gonna get hot real quick.

ATi_Elite2500d ago

yep and people are gonna loose lots of bubbles just for preferring one over the other!

They both look good and have good Steering wheels and Pedals to choose from.

byrnezy2500d ago

There really isn't much to argue about. GT5 is a true sim that fans of the series love, Forza is a sim that implemets fun into the game as well so a little less serious than GT5 which is great an of course the fans love it.
Both great games, an if are a fan of racers an have access to both consoles get your hands on them!

LordStig2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

no one gonna get it started? ok I will.

I'm a true fuel blooded petrol head i love cars and since the first playstation GT is my racing game of choice, but I'll admit that Forza looks amazing if i had a 360 i would get it hands down. The cars the tracks are all beautifully detailed if anyone says that parts of the environment look flat and under detailed well your not going to notice those things when your moving at over 150+ MPH, the only time you will is in the replay.

however if there's one thing i hate most in a racing game especially ones that try to be sims it's rewind. It should be if you fvck up in a race there's no second chance you take your loss and learn from it, which comes to a feature i would love to see put in a racing game if you have a huge accident you can write-off your car so you lose it for good and have to slave your ass off try raise the money for a new Zonda R for example. You can probably turn rewind off so it's comes off more of a nitpick than a con.

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