Naughty Dog adds maps to Multiplayer and fixes bugs

To kick off week 2 of the Subway Taste for Adventure full competitive multiplayer experience we have added two new maps for you to explore! Get ready to think vertically and rack up the Pull! medals as revamped Highrise makes a return to Uncharted multiplayer. The Ruins takes a turn for the worse as molten lava replaces water. Additionally, there is now a patch that addresses various issues we’ve been reading about on the forums or have been seeing during our play time with everyone.

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UltimateIdiot9112476d ago

I wish they would make it easier to obtain the $5 footlong taunt.

LOGICWINS2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

Don't know if I'm picking this one up. I'm starting to notice the overreliance on blindfire. Game would be more entertaining if it was nerfed IMO.

Still, I'm glad ND is giving us Highrise for free and not charging for old maps. *cough Guerilla Games *cough

smashcrashbash2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

Oh please. First of all you want them to get rid of blindfire? How do you propose they do that? Secondly they can easily tone down the effectiveness of blindfire and adjust it to suit. And lastly, as it has been stated before, MP is only part of the game. So your going to reject UC3 because of a few technicalities that could be adjusted or fixed and are only used by people who play cheaply? How is that logical in any way?

LOGICWINS2476d ago

"First of all you want them to get rid of blindfire?"

Clearly u don't know what "nerfing" means.

MaxXAttaxX2473d ago

First, people complained that the blindfire was useless. And now they complain that it's useful.

You can't just nerf everything to your liking.

SuperBeast8112476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

Why would you buy Uncharted based on its MP anyways???that is just a bonus its a SP game first and foremost AND I think you mean cough "infinity ward" lol cause at least guerilla changed the maps from killzone 2 a little bit lol

LOGICWINS2476d ago

Highrise was changed slightly as well and ND still didn't charge extra for it. BOTH GG and IW are money hungry.

smashcrashbash2476d ago

@ LOGICWINS fine I'll give you that one but everything else I said still stands.

kcuthbertson2473d ago

I really like the MP, but the blindfire issue does need to be fixed. It will only help the game if everyone has to aim more...