Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.0 Patch is Live Right Now

Earlier than expected and just a few hours before the release of a prominent competitor in the US, the spec 2.0 patch for Gran Turismo 5 has gone live on the PlayStation Network and is available for download now.

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PirateThom2539d ago

Should point out, seems to be staggered. US isn't live yet if GTPlanet is correct, but I have it downloading as we speak.

Abriael2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

may be simply an issue of server propagation. Maintenance was done at the same time on all regions.

Dee_912539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Im downloading now
1192MB !!
cant wait

M-Easy2539d ago

This is where PS+ comes in handy. I'll wake up to the full download installed.

archemides5182539d ago

DOWNLOADING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

sikbeta2539d ago

+1GB is too much, sadly I'll way to dd in the morning, GTP is CRAZY! shots of interior standard cars are making me more eager to dd now, load times are reduced, physics got better, standard cars have interior views, 3 set ups per car for customization, DAMN! too good! THX KAZ!!!!

MaxXAttaxX2539d ago

Including improved physics and AI?

GT5 2.0 FTW!!! :D

RumbleFish2539d ago

Physics HAVE improved! Impressing! Full wet tyres and intermediates actually work now.
The insame amounts of understeering are history and they added the option to tone down the rediculous amount of slip stream. Good work, PD!

But sadly there are some weird things to the patch too: I find it a very good idea to restrict tuning options in online races, but if you do so, you have to race with traction control. That's not really smart!

The Real Peter Moore2539d ago

Wow! the loading into the races/track are super fast now in comparison to how long they used to work. Impressive!

Iroquois_Pliskin2539d ago

i wanna see Turn 10 release free cars, improved physics/graphics and improve the car models

RumbleFish2539d ago

I have to correct my last post. It IS possible to restrict tuning without having to use traction control. Sorry.

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Abriael2539d ago

and the servers are congested lol :D

blumatt2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I'm gonna get it ASAP. GT5 is still a great game and we keep getting FREE upgrades. I don't mind DLC that's free. It's the paid kind that kind of irks me.

UnSelf2539d ago

just finished updating now my game doesnt start *sigh* fkn great

dontbhatin2539d ago

yeahh ok. i highly doubt it. but i guess it could be possible

The Real Peter Moore2539d ago

if its true and it still hasnt fixed, then delete the update from the game data/utility folder and backup your save.

easternbalboa2539d ago

switch your ps3 internet connection off/ do not log onto psn then see if the game loads, do this before deleting downloaded data

UnSelf2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

ok ima try those things now. brb

edit: i just tried easterns way and it seems to be working. thanks man


This kind of thinks happens when:

a) you suffered a disconnect or other error during the download. The data get's corrupted.

b) you downloaded DLC or update from a compatible region in the past (i.e update american game in a mexican account) but them proceed to download new content or update from the other region compatible (i.e update american game on an american account). The data don't match regions and you'll get error messages while PSN verifications occur.

On B case you normally can connect offline, but if you tried to connect even once, sometimes the game will not start anymore give the same region related messages. I have had this problem with SOCOM 4 last update. Just remember to take all your updates and add-ons from the same account (don't matter in which one you play).


Oops, I meant "This kind of THINGS happen when:".

In before the Grammar Gestapo.

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killerhog2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I'm getting my gt5 back from my bro and replaying it!! Wooooot!!! Seems they are earnest about updating and making gt5 better!!! Hopefully there be more to come and dlc car packs!! I bought all mdc:la car packs they are worthy investments.

kikizoo2539d ago

Clearly, reviews now, will be 9 to 10/10 for the most part (9 metacritics with biased ones ;))

Thenegotiator_142539d ago

My internet is one of the slowest of any company in the world(because I live in Mexico). Its a 1MB bandwidth. I can predict that it will take AGES to download this patch.

Crazyglues2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Downloading as we speak baby... ftw...

Can't wait to check this out..


showtimefolks2539d ago

that's how you do actual dlc give us options to choose at prices which won't hurt our future purchases.

can't wait i gave my copy of gt5 to someone now i need to buy it again soon

Denethor_II2539d ago

Plus downloaded it for me, sweet as a nut. The loading times for races now are amazing.

morganfell2538d ago

Same here. Mine was preset and I am up loading up GT5 right now.

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JoelT2539d ago

Huge update, glad to see devs working on a title a year after launch. Especially a free one! :)

Venjense2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Not to troll and as a 360 and PS3 owner, you get A LOT of stuff on PS3 for free if Sony's made it

....but they're still overly Japanese in terms of game design in so many ways which makes them a bit too old school sometimes.

El_Colombiano2539d ago

Their Japanese style is what I love about Sony.

Rhythmattic2539d ago

Nothing wrong with old school...

Old school was when young kids respected their elderly.

shikamaroooo2539d ago

No!!!!! My mate still has my copy.:( lucky guys that get this patch

Boody-Bandit2539d ago

And it's FREE!
Imagine that.

Enmson2539d ago

Imagine? Its real :-P and i am downloading it now!!

Grip2539d ago

it have to be free. it's just update

Gran Touring2539d ago

Nice. I won't be able to try it out till I'm back home in December, but my biggest gripe was the lack of G27 support. I can't wait!