It’s Official: Brock Lesnar Will Appear In WWE ’12

UFC President Dana White confirms that Lesnar will feature in WWE '12

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Hitman07692389d ago

lol cool i'm sure this will make sum ppl mad and sum happy

iXenon2389d ago

His fans are surely happy. But those that don't believe he should be included as a "Legend" won't have anything nice to say.

elshadi2389d ago

day 1 for me
can they bring goldberg and batista ???

MultiConsoleGamer2389d ago

Why is Lesnar so popular right now? I don't get it. I know he's talented, I'll at least give him that.

iXenon2389d ago

He was popular when he debuted 10 years ago. Popular enough to be on the cover of a game named after his slogan "Here Comes The Pain"

neogeo2389d ago

you really don't know? He is a real wourld class ufc fighter. He knocks REAL people out in REAL life, that makes it more fun.

MultiConsoleGamer2389d ago

I knew about his UFC connections. Sadly I've fallen away from Wrestling over the past couple of years. I really need to get back into the sport.

Wintersun6162389d ago

@ MultiConsoleGamer

There's been some interesting times lately, so much so that I won't go into details. Maybe it's getting a little bit better, at least there's no more Santino vs Divas crap and recently some wrestlers are starting to get pushes they've deserved for a long time. But I recommend you to check it out if you feel like it. Some winds of change blowing in TNA recently too.

Back on topic:

Awesome! I won't have to create him myself this year!

Criminal2389d ago

It's Official: Here comes the pain!

Ranich2389d ago

He may be the reason I actually go to play the game.

Criminal2389d ago

My reason would be Stone Cold.

Ranich2389d ago

That is also a good reason to play the game.

Relientk772389d ago


I am gonna F5, EVERYONE! lol

Khordchange2389d ago

Great, now go back to the wwe. Because it sucks right now

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The story is too old to be commented.