Handheld Heroes Reviews - X-Men: Destiny

Molotov Cupcake of Handheld Heroes writes:

"X-Men: Destiny should have been so much greater when you consider what it’s actually offering you. Even opening up the floor for a customizable mutie would have been preferred over being forced to choose between such banal characters as these. It’s a lazy beat-’em-up masquerading as an action-RPG with layers that knows little more than “go here, kill that.” When you consider its full purchase price and the fact that there are far better X-Men-related titles out there, Destiny seems more like a hardcore purchase only — if you HAVE to own everything X-Men branded, I suppose this is a serviceable purchase. Or if you’re in it for the achievements only, there are plenty to find here. Otherwise, I’d suggest co-op with a friend in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 or if you’re looking to hit that RPG itch, finding one of the many better options released in the past couple of years. This type of fluff isn’t going to do you any favors."

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