Ice-T Campaigning for Griffin Closure in Gears 3

Rapper/actor Ice-T is campaigning on Twitter for closure for his Gears of War 3 character, Griffin.

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WhiteLightning2540d ago


Yeah I always thought he would pop up in the end and get back at Delta Squad.

zeal0us2540d ago

"Griffin-centered DLC" I dunno, would it sell is the true question?

Brash_Attack2540d ago

I'd think so, and thanks to the Gears 3 season pass, it already has.

Blues Cowboy2539d ago

Wow, I literally completed Gears 3's campaign half an hour ago (just popped back online) and I completely forgot about that character. Seriously, I'd forgotten that he was even in the game. Sorry, Ice, but does anyone actually care?

MasterD9192539d ago

I'd rather see another main character but if he wants to make an appearance or something...go ahead.

I thought it was going to be about Michael Barrick.

kingPoS2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Umm why dosn't he use his real name yet like Dwayne Johnson & Chris Brigdes?
It seems kinda silly now to still call a man a refreshing drink.