Gaming Nexus - Nintendo Holiday Tour - MarioKart 7 Preview

Quoted from preview: "October is one of my favorite months of the year. The leaves start turning colors, Halloween is just around the corner and the friendly Nintendo folks show up in their airstream trailer with a sampling of their upcoming releases. Second on the roster was Mario Kart 7.

While I’m a fan of the whole Mario Kart line I consider Mario Kart DS to be the greatest entry in Nintendo’s mascot racing series. I freely admit to working through a serious addiction to the title back in college and would’ve gladly mainlined that game through a 24/7 drip feed if that were possible. So I do admit to some bias, but Mario Kart DS was still the series’ high point—perfectly balanced gameplay, online modes, brilliant course design and just enough challenge to keep you satisfied. The upcoming Mario Kart 7 for 3DS has some big shoes to fill and after some time with it I can say that…well, maybe it has a chance?"

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