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James Pugh states, "Last year developer Beenox gave the fledgling Spider-Man franchise the proverbial shot in the arm it so desperately needed with the highly successful, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. Just one year later they are trying to continue that success with Edge of Time, and while it is hard to see this entry as anything other than a step backwards, the game is still interesting enough for web slinging fans."

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MultiConsoleGamer2538d ago

They have released so many Spider-Man games in the past couple of years that I have actually lost count.

aPerson2538d ago

One year is not enough time to develop a game like this. Everything about it seems rushed.

rezzah2538d ago

is the publisher activision?

Hellbound19782537d ago

I hate that they removed "Noire" Spider-man, he was my fav in was a nice change of pace compared to the other three. I guess I'm in the minority on that one though.