Final Thoughts On Battlefield 3 Beta - Quit Complaining, Games F***ing Awesome On Consoles

Everywhere you see information related to Battlefield 3 you will see references to how much "better" the PC version looks when compared to consoles. With the recent introduction to the Battlefield 3 beta on the PS3 console I was able to experience the game firsthand on a console for the first time...

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MultiConsoleGamer2538d ago

I pretty much agree with the strongly worded opinion. I don't care what system you play it on, you're getting a great game either way.

Dart892538d ago

I agree the beta was awesome and i can't wait for the full game in 15 days.

If anyone needs a team player feel free to pm me and i will give you my psn name so we kick some @$$:D.PS3 players only.

zeksta2538d ago

Agreed, the complaints about the Console version will be long gone once the Retail game finally comes out, people are going to be enjoying it.

Shadowaste2538d ago

comparing any console game to the pc version of the same game is just gonna set you up for heartbreak.

It's like me letting you borrow my ferrari 458 for the day, then you hop back in your escort.

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The story is too old to be commented.