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MultiConsoleGamer2417d ago

The floodgates are opening. I've been very intrigued to see how multiplayer would work out. This looks very promising.

WhiteLightning2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

This just seems tacked on like a last minute idea.

"Yeah we'll throw that seems like a good idea, we've never had a good excuse to throw it in untill now but since theres a big war going on it's great timing"

MrSpace2417d ago


At the end of the day it's there word againt ours, we don't know if they've been "hard at work with it" or not letting the SP sufer (which in my opinion I think they have)

AznGaara2417d ago

They said they opened up another studio for multi-player.

"To reach that level of quality, last year BioWare opened a studio in Montreal .... Both studios work together as partners, lead by the core Mass Effect team, unified in a single vision."

So at least we know it wasn't just tacked on, nor did they compromise the single-player.

boommuffin2415d ago

actualy i think EA combined its MMO studio with bioware & thats how they got another studio which also explains why SWTOR is being developed by bioware

wallis2417d ago

If you want to play a multiplayer game then go play a God damned multiplayer game and leave mass effect alone. Like the nine thousand mp focussed games that etch throughout the last two decades aren't enough? Who the FUCK picks up mass effect and thinks "Oh yeah this totally needs to be made competitive with limited level design?"

Jesus Christ it's like asking for your bacon sandwich to be integrated into ice cream. Whether or not it's good is besides the damn point. It shouldn't bloody happen. I want to play an rpg no matter how badly bioware seem to think I'd rather play a gears of war rip off.

--Onilink--2417d ago

it doesnt hurt to check how the MP will work, its not freacking COD you know, there is NO PvP mode, just alternative Co-op missions that you can skip if you want to.

zeal0us2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

Well at first I was thinking versus multiplayer not Co-op. I could actually see some of this working out. Too bad there isn't a 2-player offline co-op.

Maybe the feedback from this will be use in developing a Mass Effect MMO, if Bioware decide to do it.

But still I hope this decision to make multiplayer doesn't result in a weak SP experience. I would of still like to got the game this year without the multiplayer and the delay.

Drazz2417d ago

Im sold!! Sounds awesome.

grifter0242417d ago

Just reading the article makes me realize how much this game will either be very good or bomb so bad Bio should just be called EA from then on.

I love Mass Effect and just hearing more and more news coming out just ruins this game more and more for me.

This seems like they are just trying to do a horde/firefight style coop just so the casuals that they are so called "Catering," To can beat the game easier and not cry if they die in the single player.

I might not even preorder this anymore because of this.

AznGaara2417d ago

So your cancelling a pre-order because the game has an optional mode that you dont need to play if you wanna get the optimal game in sp?

grifter0242417d ago

Like sage said below

"Success in multi-player will have a direct impact on the outcome of the single player campaign"

DIRECT IMPACT....I thought it was "Optional."

This is just a way for the casuals to get a good ending in ME3, because there is no way to twist the words harder then saying its optional and then saying it will have a direct outcome in the story.

So yes I am canceling my preorder until there is more info. EA has ruined the franchise to the point that I cant even enjoy it anymore.

KonohagakureFC2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

A direct impact yes, but only if you decide to play it... The way I see it like this: You can play the SP without ever touching the MP and you'll still have the full ME3 experience OR you can play both and the MP parts will help you in the SP with the galactic readiness thing

Win - Win

AznGaara2417d ago

"It is important to note that the system is entirely optional and just another way players can have control over your game experience – it is still possible to achieve the optimal, complete ending of the game in Mass Effect 3 through single-player alone."

I wonder where you stopped reading...

n to the b2417d ago

my non-MP gamerscore will beg to differ.

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The story is too old to be commented.