Uncharted 3: Molten Ruins Multiplayer Gameplay

TheParanoidGamer: "The latest update for Uncharted 3 Subway beta has been released and with it comes two brand new (well one old and another a lava remake) multiplayer maps. here are some brand new gameplay footage of Molten ruins.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2540d ago

I played this map earlier and I really like it alot. You might remember it from uncharted 2 as flooded ruins. now it has different textures and is lava instead, Im glad they brought it back.

denero12540d ago

omg its been so long since i played uc 2 omg this is amazing

Shackdaddy8362540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

IDK what it is, but I don't like how it looks compared to the other maps I've seen. I think it's the look of the ground - doesn't look right to me...

But what do I know, I've never played Uncharted :)

wenaldy2540d ago

'But what do I know, I've never played Uncharted :)"

That's why... :/