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The console version of Crysis doesn't look quite as good as its PC counterpart (and that's to be expected). It doesn't add any new campaign content, and it doesn't include the multiplayer support packaged with the original. With that said, it's a great buy for console owners. Even without the badass Nanosuit abilities the gunplay itself entertains. And considering how many different methods you can pursue to complete your mission, no two players will tackle Crysis in the same way.

If you stay patient with occasional stealth hiccups and the brutal frequency of death, Crysis will be well-worth your time, money, and the dangers of experimental Nanosuits.

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JBaby3432540d ago

I've been wanting to play this but I wonder how it stacks up against the PC videos I've seen. If it's not awe-inspiring on consoles then I'm sure it's worth my time since I have enough shooters. I do like the open-world aspect though. I didn't think Crysis 2 was that impressive so I'm wondering if I would even like this. Tough call.

cpayne932540d ago

It's only 20 bucks, so I think it's worth a buy.

jony_dols2540d ago

Lets not forget that consoles are 2006 hardware and people are comparing a $20 downloadable title against heavily modified versions of Crysis running on top end 2011 gaming PCs. I think a fairer comparison would be to compare an unmodded version of Crysis running on a mid-tier 2006 PC, and see how it stacks up.

This is a great looking PSN (and XBLA) title that is loads of fun to play

gaden_malak2540d ago

How big is the file to DL?

egidem2540d ago

@gaden_malak around 3.6GB if I remember correctly.

I recently completed the game and I can say, it's actually pretty awesome. Worth a go, and I also like the inclusion of pretty good trophies. Looking into getting a platinum. Overall, awesome game.

I shot a person who was about 300M away and the trophy "Long Distance Relationship" popped up. XD

FanboyPunisher2540d ago ShowReplies(7)
CloseSecond2540d ago

The visuals and gameplay are as good or better than R3. At the price its almost a must have.

trouble_bubble2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

It's great for a PSN download, but definitely not as polished as Resistance 3.

No effects on screen like the wind/dust in Haven, the fog on the Mississippi or the rain and power battery sprint through StLouis. No weapons as fun as the Auger, Mutator, Magnum or that one that creates a mini black hole. Scar in Crysis feels the same as the FY71 or whatever its called. Chaingun feels the same as the alien BFG. Pistols are unnecessary. Some known audio issues can crop up near the end and I've seen some funky AI like a floating driver with no vehicle, lol!

For a budget download though, Crysis impresses. I recommend it.

CloseSecond2540d ago

R3 was no graphical powerhouse. Jaggies, framerste drops, no player shadow and some of the worst character animation seen in an exclusive release on the PS3. However, it was so linear and generic that it it felt like it had been done before. And what was up with the gun with unlimmited ammo at the end.

R3 was solid but falls well short of other PS3 exclusives.

trouble_bubble2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Have you played Crysis on console? R3 has much smoother frames. Crysis has pop-in and freezes when you hit checkpoints a la KZ & Gears. The same arguments can be made. The charachter models are pants, and speaking of guns with infinite ammo lol, the alien BFG you get has infinite ammo too making the last few chapters a walk in the park even on Delta. Crysis dabbles in the generic too, from the Matrix looking sentinels to part 2 borrowing the whole Tunguska incident angle from Resistance.

Anyways this wasn't meant to be some Resistance VS Crysis thing. I like em both, don't even know why you brought up Resistance in the first place when there are a billion other shooters out there with more in common like Far Cry 2.

FFS I've played it via PSN. This ain't the PC version on max we're talkin bout here, yet people are posting videos of PC tech demos that aren't even gameplay. This thread's about the PSN/XBL port. Ground control to Major Tom!

elshadi2540d ago

i already know it's nothing special in gfx
but i will give it a try any way

egidem2540d ago

You need to consider that this is a game running on hardware more than 5 years old. I've played the PS3 version and I can say they honestly did a very good job.

I know that the PC version blows the console versions out of the water in terms of graphics, but like I said, they did a pretty good job and I enjoyed playing through the campaign on my PS3.

That's what people are looking for - to enjoy the game, and I bet you they will, without throwing tantrums about how much the PC one looks better.

Ducky2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I lol'd at 1:50
Shotguns are tricky to use at close range!

DEADEND2540d ago

Just got it on Sunday and it is pretty fun. I prefer the second one but there is something special about the first one.

TheIneffableBob2540d ago

Crytek took their time on the first one. That's why it's special.

trouble_bubble2540d ago

True. The 2nd one seemed so random, lacked continuity and direction. Suit was too much of a maguffin. Wasn't even a final boss. 1st one had purpose, surprises, literally flips you on your head at one point. Crysis 1 is simply a better game imho.

Fedrona2540d ago

I didn't expect such video from this site.But you have done a good job. I liked it.

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