Will Dust 514 Share The Same Fate As MAG?

VelocityGamer Writes: A PS3 exclusive MMO FPS that was meant to revolutionize the way we shoot each other online? That sounds pretty familiar to me.

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MultiConsoleGamer2500d ago

I thought MAG was highly underrated.

bumnut2500d ago

Me too, I enjoyed it. It was far from perfect but at times it worked well.

Seeing a group of enemy paratroopers dropping in greater in numbers than both COD teams combined was awesome, it really felt like you were in a huge battle..... but not all the time sadly.

waltyftm2500d ago

It is, M.A.G is great fun to play and in my opinion one of the best FPS out there.

RememberThe3572500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

I was fun as hell, but it really wasn't a good game. There were many more things bad about it than good. It looked and felt like a downloadable title. MAG didn't fail because it was an MMOFPS, it failed because it was clunky and ugly. Playing with a ton of people was awesome, squad control was good, and weapon customization was good, but everything else about it looked and felt cheap. And now that I've played Resistance 3 (the controls are perfect), MAG feels even more clunky. (Matter of fact, RAGE feels clunky after playing R3, the aiming in R3 is just so smooth...

...Like Keith Stone)

Tony P2500d ago

While EVE players may know where Dust comes from, it's basically a new IP to the console crowd.

If they don't pull out the stops to get it noticed, then yeah, I think its chances are pretty much the same as MAG's.

BigBoss072500d ago

Dust will not share the same fate as MAG because Dust is a true MMOFPS. MAG was never close to a true MMOFPS and has slowly died off because of lack of constant new content. with Dust, we not only get a persistent shooter, but another MMO, EVE, is directly linked to Dust.

Overall, even if the game is ok at launch, it will constantly improve as time goes on, releasing more and more new content. The only thing that would kill Dust right off the bat is lack of clan features and a competitive system in place at launch.

However, from all that we've seen, heard, and read about the game, Dust doesn't seem to be heading in that direction. It seems its primary focus is the reign of clans and competition over planets.

getupahh2499d ago

I think MAG is a great game. Very satisfying. Very addictive.
Go SEVER!!!!

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ZombieAssassin2500d ago

Well I hope it does good, it'll prolly pull in some EVE players who have Ps3's for sure. Don't know how the masses are going to like it though, I'm just gonna wait and see as it's running on the Unreal Engine and it's suppose to be kinda large scale battles.

From what I've seen and heard the game has a pretty decent concept and the more they integrate it with Eve the better.

Criminal2500d ago

I hope not. It's shaping up to be quite an experience.

DA_SHREDDER2500d ago

I don't get it, how is this game being compared to MAG a bad thing? The only thing MAG needs is more content, everything about MAG is really good. I would consider it one of the best shooters this gen.

Tachyon_Nova2500d ago

A larger player base wouldn't have hurt...

Nykamari2500d ago

That's the problem! Players quit when they thought they could win by playing for themselves, bad move in a team game. I laugh so much when I see a squad scatter like roaches all over the map to get slaughtered by a group who sticks together.

NeloAnjelo2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

MAG is a good game. Its extemely strategic and moves away for all the auto-aim, running and reloading at inhuman speeds etc. that shooters offer these days.

Its a comprehensive team focused game. Sony should have given this game away for free with the welcome back program. As this would have given people a chance to experience the game and up the user base. However, server maintainance and other issues could have been a factor in the costs of such a thing.

I hope Dust 514 turns out good. We need more diverse shooters, offering unique and yet varied experiences. I have had enough of the same thing being recycled.

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