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IGN writes:

"Battlefield 3 holds the weight of the gaming world on its shoulders. With the unavoidable comparison to Call of Duty, all eyes are on DICE and EA create something awesome. Since June, we've seen little to no news of progress beyond several demos of Operation Metro, a touch of the campaign, and a glimpse of what it's like to fly jets. Additionally, the public beta birthed widespread concern over whether or not the game can live up to the hype. With just over two weeks until the game arrives on store shelves, this dearth of info served as a red flag -- until now. After tackling a combination of single player, co-op, and multiplayer in a fresh build of Battlefield 3, I must say I'm pleasantly surprised."

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StanLee2328d ago

Great preview. Truly gives an idea of the scale of battle we expected from Battlefield 3.

M-Easy2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

Yep it got me wet.

ATi_Elite2328d ago

I shot my load at the 1 minute mark.....the destruction was awesome!

I can't wait to level a building onto my enemies heads. Yippie!

Plagasx2328d ago

Unfortunately, you won't be leveling any buildings on top anyone's heads.

In BF3 you can't level buildings.

Ducky2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

^ You can't?

I've had a few buildings collapse on me in Caspian (ones near the gas station), so it would appear that you can collapse them.

ATi_Elite2328d ago

You could kill people with buildings in BC2 and i remember DICE talking about building deaths for BF3!

Actually one of the Demos had a building chunk kill an enemy on the sidewalk after an RPG strike.

Kleptic2327d ago

I think Dice's quote was 'you can't level 'large' buildings, like skyscrapers'...or something like that...

i've seen caspian border ground footage and you definitely can topple smaller bunkers and buildings...similar to BC2...but haven't seen anything that significant over that game yet...

although the destruction in metro was first when i played it seemed like there was next to zero destruction...but after playing a while, and watching people use C4 and RPGs could knock a hell of a lot more stuff down than what was initially apparent...

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earbus2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

Yes stan while i hate youre wigged cameo apperances in superhero movies lol i agree this is battlefield,would so dig a 2143 with this engine. Ha m-easy stop using ur pc in the shower.

PshycoNinja2328d ago

No story preview? What is going on with the single player campaign? What is the premise? Who are the villains? So many questions left unanswered. They have shown us virtually nothing on the story front. Is it something DICE isn't proud about or what? I know the MP is awesome and fun to play but I just want to know if it will have a half decent story (at the very least better than BC2).

Ducky2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

Weren't most of the previous trailers SP footage?

They've shown quite a lot, especially considering that Battlefield is a series that is known mainly for its multiplayer.

3GenGames2328d ago

That's why you buy the game. There's nothing to explain that could happen because we don't even know the base story to even draw up any plots at all. I'm sure it'll be good though. BC's campaign was meh, BC2 was drastically better, I'm having BF3's new campaign as the real showing of improvement for the creative minds at DICE. :)

Ethereal2328d ago

color me excited. I never doubted DICE. Here comes the holiday many games to play.

ATi_Elite2328d ago

Operation Firestorm is where i'll be at. That map looks super huge!

I think Metro was just a chance at making BF3 play like MW2 in a close quarter map and give DICE some feedback on how to draw in the COD crowd. Just a guess!

Anyway Huge conquest maps are what BF is all about and they should have been in the Beta for everyone!!

Kleptic2327d ago

If DICE really did what they said they were doing with Metro...which was bug hunting and trying to balance infantry weapons entirely (as they claim to have the vehicles nailed already)...then its acceptable...

my big question though is will the release version of metro have vehicles in the first and last outdoor sections...the original multiplayer trailer that revealed metro, did have tanks and jeeps in the park at the beginning...and i've seen conflicting reports on that...some are saying the vehicles were removed for the beta, but the final metro rush map will have them back in...others are saying metro rush will not have any vehicles of any kind...and that that trailer was showing the conquest version of metro, which is significantly larger over who knows...

but even in these previews, bach was saying bazaar is one of the 'smaller rush maps'...and it had heavy tanks present...and the IGN video in this preview showed the PS3 version for that map...I really hope metro gets some access to vehicles for the bigger sections...but obviously not indoors...

3GenGames2327d ago

I believe the one with tanks and vehicles has across the river unlocked and was a 64 player game mode of some type, which is why they squeezed them in for the PC one.

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