GamesMaster December 2011 Review Scores - Batman: Arkham City, Rage & Dark Souls

''The December 2011 edition of gaming publication GamesMaster has hit store shelves everywhere, with the latest issue scoring a notable selection of heavy-hitters including Batman: Arkham City, Rage, Gears of War 3 and the From Software’s stunningly difficult Dark Souls.''

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acemonkey2536d ago

idk the mag but looks like 1 good review for batman AC cant wait

jbiz3302536d ago

Arkham Asylum vs Uncharted 3 for GTY.. Im calling it.

Michael-Jackson2535d ago

I agree but you said Asylum instead of City...

TheOtherTheoG2535d ago

Mm. Or Portal 2, that scored massively everywhere as well.

Plagasx2536d ago

A gentler Gears???? Gears 3 was more brutal and violent than it's predecessors in every way...

factory2535d ago

maybe they meant how easy the campaign was on normal ??

hotskys2535d ago

The game was easy on insane!

Captain Qwark 92536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

hmmm i dont normally care about reviews but how you can rate dark souls anything less than 9.5 is crazy, that game is a masterpiece and should be the standard for which level design in a game is measured, superb.

( goes back to anor londo now..... )

SilleGamer2535d ago

Yeah the review seemed low enough in comparison to other mags and websites.

earbus2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

@ JBIZ 330 I just dont get the whole goty thing i couldnt careless who gets awards hell chariots of fire won academy awards zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz craptacular movie i sometimes get messages from random ng4 guys sprouting goty nonsense just remember goty matters to u not me i got a bowling award in junior cricket when i was a kid ,goty bowler wooo. I dont mean this in a bad way i just dont get it.

cjflora2535d ago

It's a recognition of hard work to the developers. They get a reward for doing an amazing job. This in turn encourages them to continue their awesomeness. I'm willing to bet that Uncharted 2 getting GOTY encouraged Naughty Dog to push themselves even more than they otherwise would have with Uncharted 3 because they know they kick ass and want to prove they can do it again.

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