GameTrailers: The Evolution of Forza HD

GameTrailers writes: See the growth of the Forza series as the performance of the Lotus Espirit continues to improve at Road Atlanta.

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earbus2541d ago

Ahh the beautiful memories been into every game in the forza series been great to watch it grow and evolve love my datsuns and lancers droping in big motors getting the 70s rally skins turn 10 have come full circle with the 360 and will have a great future.

StanLee2541d ago

I was one of those who didn't think there was a huge graphical leap between 3 and 4 but to see them side by side, you see how that engine has evolved. So much more detail in Forza 4. It truly looks amazing.

MaxXAttaxX2541d ago

Unfortunately, the car models used in menus are different(in Forza 4) than the lower poly, lower LOD ones used in game(like all Forza games).

Number_132541d ago

Hee hee hee full circle - on 360

aviator1892541d ago

Sweet comparison video. I wish GT did these more often for more games.

xtreampro2541d ago

I'm not hating on the game but why does Forza 1&2 have better lighting than Forza 3? that makes absolutely no sense. I also noticed that the damage looks the same in all four games.

I remember Microsoft showing off this incredible vehicle destruction tech demo for the original Xbox but it looks like Turn10 have made no use of it.

Bob5702541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

It must just be this video. Forza 3 in real-time has much more dynamic lighting.

Edit: This is a video capture. Real-time means it's being rendered before your eyes at that moment.

xtreampro2541d ago

I don't think it's the video since all three are shown in the same quality and that was in real-time. It's clearly obvious that 1&2 have better lighting.

Forza 4 obviously has the best lighting though.

killerhog2541d ago

Good someone else notice, now I probably won't receive unnecessary diatribes.

killerhog2541d ago

Not much of a difference besides lighten and if you look carefully it seems damage effect has been lowered each iteration. This is probably due to the fact that, all last 3 forza's have been on the 360, and there's barely much they can do with each iteration without cutting back on other aspects. It's why turn 10 didn't include 90% of what they promised, one being weather effects. Also aviator there's a YouTube vid that does a graphical growth of gt to gt5 if you want to see and those who want to see a true graphical growth (not bashing forza).

kaveti66162541d ago

" those who want to see a true graphical growth (not bashing forza)."

You weren't?

killerhog22541d ago

No I wasn't, so stop trying to hard to twist my words. I used "true" to represent a flagrant difference in graphics from gt to gt5

kaveti66162541d ago

Are you implying something with that statement?

Ducky2541d ago

Could be implying that the GT series has gone from the PS1 to PS3.

I'd assume a graphical growth is pretty much a given there.

kaveti66162541d ago

If you read the sentence I picked out in conjunction with the rest of the his statement, there is no doubt that he's bashing forza.

When did Turn 10 promise full weather effects in their game? When was that?

And why do you make the false statement that damage modeling has been reduced with every iteration? It has been about the same, with physical modeling remaining constant, while mechanical damage being improved.

The worse thing about a person like you is that you say something and then when you get called out on it you backpedal and pretend like you didn't mean what you said.

Your text is right there.

And before anything thinks that I'm just attacking this guy for bashing Forza, you can check my comment history and see that I have made criticisms of Forza as well. I just haven't been dishonest with my statements. This guy said that Turn 10 made a promise about weather. They didn't.

JokesOnYou2541d ago

Please provide links to all these promises Turn10 has made 90% of which they did NOT deliver on....I'll wait. Well no I wont 'cause you are full of BS, just making up lies as you go.

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zero_cool2541d ago

I agree the change between 3 & 4 graphically isn't as much as a lot of people on here are making it out to be but if your going to make a claim on the gt series behalf at least provide the proof to warrant your claim!

Bob5702541d ago

I really want Forza 4, but I don't think it's going to be a big enough leap forward from Forza 3 to justify dropping $60 on it. The next Forza game I am going to buy launch date will be the first Forza game to come out on the next gen Xbox, and that game better be Forza 5.

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