Marooners' Rock Review: Rochard (PSN)

Adam writes: "I’m willing to bet that not many people have wanted to play a video game starting a character that resembles John Goodman more than Arnold Schwarzenegger. The blue-collar, colloquial everyman is a great character for film or television, but he seems a strange fit for an action star. Yet, hero John Rochard manages to be an affable, memorable character who transforms a thin premise into one of the best downloadable offerings so far this year. Sony isn’t exactly known for its exclusive downloadable games. Thankfully, Recoil Games has changed that. Rochard gets its name from the aforementioned protagonist John Rochard, an asteroid miner on the tail end of a four year run of bad luck. John suffers from an affliction many of us can sympathize with, because when things go bad for John, they go really bad. His first success in years, the one that will save the jobs of him and his crew, is curtailed by the invasion of generic space pirates. Story isn’t Rochard’s strong suit, but it sets up the phenomenal characters of John and his crew member Skyler. You control John as Skyler directs him through their asteroid mine, helping to unravel the events and betrayal unfolding around you."

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MultiConsoleGamer2470d ago

Recoil games? Is this their first title on PSN?