BioWare says Mass Effect 3 multiplayer details coming Wednesday, asks fans not to overreact just yet

BioWare issues official statements on Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, in particular asking fans to hold off on overreacting until details are shared.

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MultiConsoleGamer2415d ago

Megaton incoming? Color me intrigued.

WolfLeBlack2415d ago

I'm perfectly willing to give Bioware a chance to deliver something special.

After being suspicious about AC: Brotherhood's multiplayer and discovering it to be a fine addition to the series I'm willing to wait and see what they're planning before making a rash judgement.

vickers5002415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

You aren't going to dismiss something before you've played it?!

What on Earth is wrong with you?! I don't know how you do things where you're from, but here at N4G, we cancel our pre-orders and whine like little girls if a developer adds something a few of us don't like, even if it will have little to no effect on the sp!

TheOtherTheoG2415d ago

Hehe, you win inter-bubbles.

Oh, and a tip, DON'T got to the Bioware forums. It's bad, as in, really.

gamingdroid2415d ago

Amazing, one of the first comments that actually is open minded.

WTF is wrong with people? Bioware gives fans more content, but somehow it is turned into a bad thing.

Check out the complaints:

a) Sequels are boring, they all do the same, but when developers do something new, gamers complain that the game no longer is what it used to be!

b) Gamers complain about too expensive games and too little content/features. When developers give them more features, gamers complain it ain't more of the same!

See a pattern here... everybody b!tches about something. Damned if you do, and damned if you don't!!!

MrSpace2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Did anyone see some of the facebook comments......owch

Anyway this will ruin the single player....all that wasted time on multiplayer when they could of added new features to ME3 to make it even more amazing. We'll find flaws in ME3 and everytime one pops up we'll think "If only they didn't tack on co-op"

I give them a chance after ME to create a sequel that stays true to the last installment and then we got've ran out of chances Bioware sorry

Kalowest2415d ago

Yep, Bioware is S**t now, funny they use to be my favorite RPG devs. Lol The Witcher 1&2, has more RPG depth then their latest game (ME2, and DA2).

Simon_Brezhnev2415d ago

You know not to speak facts and talk bad about bioware on N4G. ME2 the most overrated game this generation.

ME19892415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

You do know a separate Bioware team (Bioware Montreal) is developing the multiplayer right? The team that developed ME1 and ME2 (Bioware Edmonton) are focused solely on the single player story...

Pikajew2415d ago

I wish they stay SP. Not everyone can play online.

WhiteLightning2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Would watch you say on here Pikajew. If you say something like that you may be considerd "selfish" for having that opinion because it wouldn't be fair on multiplayer lovers who would like the feature in the game because they have online. /s

Even though people can't call you for having a differen't opinion on this subject.

Like how they wanted it in Bioshock 2, RE5, Dead Space 2 and Assassins Creed.....look how they turned out, not all bad like AC Brotherhood but it still felt tacked on if they could accomplish that game in a year imagine what it would of been liked without the online.

--Onilink--2415d ago

i must have missed the part were they said you cant play SP now.... or maybe the part were they said ANYTHING about how MP will work...

zeal0us2415d ago

Getting that Bioshock 2 feeling. Do ME really need multiplayer? Did Bioshock 2 need really need multiplayer? I get I'm not/will not being/be force to play it, but I feel somethings just isn't necessary.

Guess I better wait and see b4 casting it off.

RockmanII72415d ago

But the company that made Bioshock didn't make Bioshock 2. A better example would be Dead Space 2, which got better reviews than Dead Space 1.

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