World of Zelda: 10 Reasons to Have a Zelda MMORPG

GP blogger, Kaptain J writes, "Now, before you all look at me like I'm [Deku] nuts, hear me out. As you all know by now, unless you live under a rock, have amnesia, or came from a distant galaxy (I'm lookin' at you, Xarglarb!), you know about the Wii U. But before that was announced, there were rumors pouring in about a possible Legend of Zelda MMORPG (that's Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, for Xarglarb over there), which came about thanks to an ESRB rating for a Zelda Universe.

Of course, that has since been revealed to simply be a delayed rating for some website, but I can't help but still ponder the idea. There's so much promise in a possible Legend of Zelda MMORPG, and here are the 10 reasons why I say so...

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MultiConsoleGamer2472d ago

The comments about online network and Ganodorf both have me intrigued.

I'm also thinking the WiiU controller would be great for any MMO.

Nice work on this article.

Pikajew2472d ago

I would love to to dungeons with another person.

zeal0us2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

I think Nintendo could turn most of their franchises into a MMO of some kind.

Titanz2472d ago

The Fire Emblem series could also benefit from an MMO experience.

caseh2472d ago

Love Fire Emblem but fail to see how it would translate into an online game.

It's time consuming as a single player game, imagine playing online with someone who thinks of themselves as the 'Kasparov' of turn-based strategy, you'd be waiting forever to take your next turn.

Titanz2471d ago

Though they could make a spin-off series, and change the gameplay formula.

Relientk772471d ago

If it was free to play, I would not mind it

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