Uncharted 3: “There is No Planned Level Cap Increase”

TheParanoidGamer: "It appears that the cap increase for Uncharted 3 Beta will not be happening like everyone hoped it would be."

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MultiConsoleGamer2417d ago

Give it time. Maybe a few months after release? That's what they did with 'Boarderlands.'

-Alpha2417d ago

They mean for the beta

It was promised, but apparently a miscommunication

KwietStorm2417d ago

lol they're just talking about the current early access multiplayer. Of course the final game will go higher than rank 35.

I'm thinking they just saw how quickly some people got to 35, and they thought it wouldn't be fair to have people at 70 before the full game even releases.

Tachyon_Nova2417d ago

I don't see how its fair for anybody to be higher than level 1 before the game releases to be honest...

xAlmostPro2417d ago

@Tachyon i see what you're saying but i disagree.

For example i have PS+ and i got the multiplayer because of that, i then put my time into the game to unlock all that stuff after also reaching max in the previous beta. Without sounding selfish i think i should be allowed to carry stats over :)

plus we dont know how it works, we may carry our stats and level but maybe we'll need to re-purchase the things we've unlocked..

n4gisatroll2417d ago


I agree! It's not fair at all. I'm not bothering getting the beta because its only a few weeks to release and would rather play single player first. But it all should be reset.

younglj012417d ago

pretty cool im glad they not allowing it.Lvl 35 is good enough.If you want more you should buy tha game thats good logic too me.

Also ND great fuking maps.Ruins is like a different version of temple pretty cool.I just stood there looking around in tha main didnt get kill which was even better.

SP will be awesome baby ;)

Rainstorm812416d ago

The molten ruins is the flooded ruins redesigned with lava instead of water, I like the new version a little bit better

tack1292416d ago

I can see why they wouldn't raise it. To be honest I think level 35 is fine for a demo. Don't want people having too much of an advantage.

MidnytRain2416d ago

Being level 35 on launch day is already too much of an advantage if you ask me.