Crysis Review (TeamXbox)

Alex Dobie writes: When Crysis was first released on PC back in late 2007, it stood as a shining example of just what kind of visual fidelity could be experienced if you were willing to sell a couple of spare organs and funnel the resulting windfall directly into high-end PC gaming hardware. Crysis was gorgeous, and for a long time it was the graphical benchmark against which others were measured. But it also impressed with its solid first-person gunplay and large, sprawling, open levels that allowed players to choose how they tackled each mission’s objectives. So although multiplayer Crysis never really took off, the single player campaign was massively replayable thanks to the countless ways in which most missions could be approached.

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MultiConsoleGamer2542d ago

It would be crazy if this game becomes more popular on consoles than on PC.

I'm just happy more people are getting the chance to play this great game.

Perjoss2542d ago

I think if it got a boxed version on shelves as well as the 4gig download it would sell quite nicely.

Tachyon_Nova2542d ago

Remember that Crysis Warhead was also rated for consoles at the same time as Crysis was, so I wouldnt be surprised if Crytek were now finishing off the port of Warhead to consoles and then sometime after that a 'Crysis Collection' will be released on disc.

iamgoatman2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

I somehow doubt it will be, it's got a lot of catching up to do, and as a download only title I just can't see it happening.

Tyre2542d ago

It would definitely deserve it. People who love FPSs are missing out, if they didn't get to play it on PC and haven't downloaded it already....

Allowen2542d ago

Beware that this game has a bug (at least on the PS3 version ) where you will not gain three silver (playing on Delta directly ) and one gold (finish the campaign on hard or delta) trophies .

I was going to get my platinum trophy on this game today and could not win it because of some kind BUG !

Researching ... Crysis 2 also have this trophy bug and same goes to Mass Effect 2 (this one I got and had to play it x2 on hardest to gain my plat ).
It seems EA likes to publish their games with this particular bug :(

Other then that Crysis is an awesome addicting game and it deserves 9/10 if you forget the trophy problem.

Tachyon_Nova2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

It would be a pretty harsh critic to knock off marks for a trophy related bug, but it is indeed an awesome game deserved of a 9/10 even today 4 years after its original release.

Bolts2542d ago

This game cost less than $15 on the PC. Just something to think about when you're paying full retail.

jriquelme_paraguay2541d ago

After this on console...

i dont know why Crysis 2 wasnt this style of Sandbox, and more open world...

i think Crysis 2 was glimped beacause the Console versions... but after this, i dont get it...

I love Crysis 2... but i love Crysis 1 5 times more...

forgive my bad english