Uncharted 3 New Skins: Surprise Skin (Possible Spoiler) Plus Many Old Costumes Returns

TheParanoidGamer:" Marco Polo, Fransis Drake, Donut Drake and many more will be returning as skins in Uncharted 3. Plus We have already heard that there will be a Young Katerine Marlowe Skin, but looks like she’s not the only one who will be getting a younger version skin."

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MultiConsoleGamer2352d ago

So much content! Looking great!

MsclMexican2351d ago



lol yes

Sunhammer2351d ago

How do they not have a Jak skin yet?

Thatguy-3102351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Think that. Young sully and a young katerine has to involve the fountine of youth

-Alpha2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Love the new content

****MINOR SPOILER REGARDING YOUNG SKIN***** Young Sully looks like a porn star lol. Probably serious about bringing that hooker to church. Wonder if we get to play him in a flashback, makes sense considering Young Marlowe is in it. She was probably that hooker.

I don't like the skeleton skins though, they were kinda cheap.

elshadi2352d ago

+1 funny
that was awesome -alpha

WhiteLightning2352d ago

UDF Elena....I'm good to go

I hope they have Eddie Raja for the amazing would it be if he did survive and came back in U3 as the plot twist. I mean they did have those "testing models" for "someones portfolio" a few months never know. Plus the model then had the bite marks on his neck while the one in the U2 multiplayer dosen't.

Ares902351d ago

Eddy Raja!!
They can't let him out, I want him too

Shmotz2351d ago

Raja was my favorite skin in UC2. Hopefully since he has a special AK in UC3 he will also have a skin.

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The story is too old to be commented.