RUMOR: WRC 2 will be Region Free for Xbox 360

If hackers and message boards are to be believed, WRC 2 is region free for Xbox 360. A quick Google search of “WRC 2 region free” will show the wave of websites boasting its content. Early copies of WRC 2 are already floating around the Internet, and those who have released details of the WRC 2 Xbox 360 disc say it is region free.

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MultiConsoleGamer2472d ago

How can a game be region free when the console is not?

PirateThom2472d ago

Even though the console is region locked, it's locked to a region's specfic discs. However, some discs are region free, they'll play on any console anywhere.

MultiConsoleGamer2472d ago

Ah I see, that's interesting. Thanks for clearing that up. I never knew.

jony_dols2472d ago

I have a sneaking suspicion that PirateThom has already played WRC2....

PirateThom2472d ago

I have not, certainly not through illegal means anyway.

I was very disappointed with the demo of the first game and can only hope this is better.

bumnut2472d ago

You can't trade in region free games at game stores though, I had MotoGP NTSC and it worked fine in my PAL console but I could not trade it

iistuii2472d ago

I don't think it matters nowadays, as the games come out mostly in the same week worldwide, with Tuesday for the states and Friday for UK. I remember years ago games would be months away in the UK. I bought and played Resident Evil a good 6 months from an import shop before it was released in UK, and that was.just wrong.

johnpolson2471d ago

Well the matter here is that WRC 2 is only coming out in Europe. They are not releasing it in USA, Japan or any other territory. They have also not announced any digital distribution.

iistuii2471d ago

There you go then, that's why it's region free.

level 3602472d ago

I just wish it had the graphics and race-sim experience that we get from the likes of Dirt3, just to give the "real" official cars more cred.