Five Reasons We're Going Fanboy Crazy for Sonic Generations

IGN: Sonic Generations is just a few short weeks away. And while we want to talk all about it, we figure it's probably best for you to experience it yourself. So we boiled down the preview to the few key things that really stuck out; the features that melted the huge layer of ice around our Genesis kid hearts, long since frozen by games like Sonic and the Black Knight. This is why we're excited Sonic is back (again).

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zeal0us2470d ago

Too bad they can't to have a special edition that comes with SA1&2. Other than I probably end up picking the game up. The article got me thinking about the background music for Knuckle stages.

sloth33952470d ago

i didnt know sonic still had fan boys since the games havent been good lately

SKUD2470d ago

The group is small (about a handful).

Michael-Jackson2470d ago

Finally a Sonic game with no stupid gimmicks, I can buy for my PS3. It took them far too long to open their eyes.

MWH2470d ago

we must wait and see, the Demo was great but suffered noticeable slowness.

Quagmire2470d ago

For anyone who says Sonic is dead should seriously stfu and play Sonic Colours for wii