IGN: Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland Review

IGN: For a short time, I dated a girl who really prided herself on her culinary skills. She took particular joy in whipping up Indian delicacies. One night, after a terrific meal, she offered me a popular Indian desert called gulab jamun. Excited to try something new, I bit right in. Immediately, I was able to discern that gulab jamun is just way too sweet for my palette.

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Abash2539d ago

Nice score for a niche JRPG

Gamer19822539d ago

Still the games were a LOT better when they didn't have the silly timer system. Why do devs keep messing around with a great system? The games were great already leave them alone dammit! I like to spend hours hunting items to synthesize and creating new items without having to worry abotu having to restart the entire game again :(