Top 15 obscure video game consoles for collectors

PCA: "From the Super Lady Cassette Vision to the Apple Pippen, we shortlist 15 ultra-rare consoles that you've probably never heard of."

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MultiConsoleGamer2501d ago

Damn fine article! Great read.

Spitfire_Riggz2499d ago

That pippen really seemed interesting.. come on apple lets see what youve got!

GrrrlGamerX2500d ago

I so want a Super Lady Cassette Vision. And I don't even like pink!

sonicsidewinder2500d ago

Obligatory one page per item article.


Relientk772500d ago

Interesting game consoles

I know less than half of them

MrBuffalo2500d ago

Hmmmm... No NEC PC-FX. It was the follow up to the PC engine and debuted at the end of 94 around the same time as the Saturn and Playstation. I know because I had one but only because my family used to sell Japanese imports.

MrBuffalo2500d ago

FM towns Marty or MSX too. Both those and the PC-FX are way more obscure then the Virtual Boy or Wondermega.

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