IGN: The Beauty of Battlefield 3: Beta Montage

IGN: Witness the destructive beauty of the Battlefield 3 beta in this gameplay montage by SteveSchwindt and RubeVidz featuring the song "Back to Hell" by PhReyMusic.

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Platinum2500d ago

so beautiful i want bf3 babies !!!

0neShot2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

The beauty of the overpowered weapons (ump and sniper), the line of sight use machine gun modern fighter jets, happy campers waiting to pounce, hide in corners waiting to pounce, terrible hit detection. But I can't find the beauty of them all, where is the underground firefight?

Hufandpuf2500d ago

It looks like everything bad in an FPS happened to you. That's unfortunate.

Suicide_King2500d ago

Agreed. I see a guy camping with a UMP. A sniper getting headshots while aiming at someone's chest and moving while shooting. A guy spraying a silenced pistol from 30 feet and yet still wiping out 4 enemies with one clip (half the shots are off target). Running and gunning and doing more damage with a pistol than an assault rifle. And awful netcode. Tons of balance issues and bugs to be worked out in 2 weeks.

chriski3332499d ago

Stop crying go play call of duty

Moragami2500d ago

That was a cool video. I'll have to remember the name SteveSchwindt, cause I never want to be on the opposing team against that guy, he plays like he's jacked up on 20 Red Bulls.

pandehz2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Umm home made videos are news?

Could someone plz send me the link to the real N4G.

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