Tekken Producer Can’t Rule Out A Virtua Fighter Crossover

The 2010 announcements of Namco’s and Capcom’s fighting game crossovers, Street Fighter x Tekken and vice-versa, came as a surprise for most fans. For many years it was believed that Namco and Sega would collaborate with their popular fighting game franchises at some point.

As of right now the possibility of a Tekken vs Virtua Fighter seems to be off the table as the Tekken Team is hard at work on 4 confirmed projects. However when asked if a crossover between these two legendary fighters would ever happen, Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada’s response left the door wide open.

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Sickr2475d ago

Just how many fighting cross-overs are we going to get? Nonetheless Tekken Vs Virtua Fighter sounds almost too good to be true.

BrunoM2475d ago

Now that would be a day one buy for me seeing as virtua fighter on the Saturn and so on are my fav fighting games ...

Lol don't know if any of you know ( or knowing n4g ) are old enuf to remember of fighting vipers for the Saturn that was a crazy cross over fighter ..

For me is the most tru to eatch style fighter still by far one of the vest fighting siries around

So crossing my fingers for these one to happen il beat the crap out of every one wit my VF guys heheheh

tarbis2475d ago

Fighter's Mega Mix you mean? Rent-a-Hero is a blast to use. XD

BrunoM2474d ago

Yeah fighters mega mix that was one heck of one fun fighting game

LastDance2475d ago

He wouldnt rule out a crossover with M&M's if it meant releasing another tekken game.

MultiConsoleGamer2475d ago

I would love this. Day one purchase if it ever happened.

Rai2475d ago

this one makes more sense then Tekken X Street Fighter. of course you can't put all the tekken characters in the game because it will out number the virtua fighters.

BrunoM2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Agree but even so they shude go for it they could tie in the two worlds so good and make so much sence ( compared to tekken vs street fighter ) it would be crazy seeing akira and jack go all tru martial arts on tekkens ass lol

jetlian2475d ago

would be Virtua fighters booty. I love both but the chicken would crush most defensive vfers

BrunoM2475d ago

I donna taking out thouse laser bems I think a VF player can take out a TK player out I mean if ur good ur good but the way VF plus when some one masters a charater you do really become something else ..

I guess they are just really doffeent GED even tho they are bouth fighters ...

Hopping for these game to become real and then il be online on my ps3 with my VF guys awaiting any TK guy hehe lol I can dream lol

IRetrouk2475d ago

the same could be said for tekken too, alot of people think because of the way tekken plays you can button mash your way through it, but take on someone who has got to know some of the fighters and you will get your ass handed to you, the fighting system is just as deep as vf.

LordStig2475d ago

If there is a new virtua fighter 50 bucks says Playstation exclusive character Kazuma Kiryu from Yakuza.

supremacy2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Then its bloody roar versus battle arena toshinden

Dead or alive versus a soul calibur.

Mortal kombat versus killer instincs, killer instincs combo system with mortal kombats soundtrack and fatalities.

And so and on until the milk dries up

What I would like to see though is, a fighter with all of Sony's icons.

Something like a bloody roar but with...

Nathan Drake
Sweet tooth
Heavenly sword chick
Heavy rain's page
Legend of dragoon character
Dark cloud character
Wild arms character
Sack boy
Gravity rush character
Escape plan character
Ape escape character
Hot shots golf character
White knight chronicles character
Genji character
Untold legends character
Gabe logan
Siren character
Rogue galaxy character
Getaway character
Starhawk character

Those are the only ones I could think off thus far, capcom would be on the job for this project.

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The story is too old to be commented.