GamePro - Crysis Review

Patrick Shaw writes: It's a few years late, but this console port of Crytek's FPS holds its own against its PC-based predecessor.

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MultiConsoleGamer2473d ago

I almost want to play it again just to see what its like on consoles.

Camb316912473d ago

I never got to play it on the PC, but from what I saw of the PC version. The graphics aren't as good. I mean they look great but compared to PC Crysis. I personally like Crysis 1 better than the second one.

FanboyPunisher2472d ago

look like shit versus a pc on med and higher settings.

Def would recommend to play the PC version instead if possible, just from the review I can see they stripped like 70% on the content in some areas (not even bsing)so it looks pretty bland and boring.

PC felt alive compared to the console imo.