IGN - Dark Souls: Beat the Undead Burg

IGN - Having trouble with the Undead Burg? The IGN Dark Souls Wiki is here to help you stay alive.

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WetN00dle692537d ago

Been there, done that, moved on!
Last boss i beat was Seath The Scaleless.

Captain Qwark 92536d ago

iron knight at sens fortress for me, next up is anor londo sometime today

LastDance2536d ago

Just get the drake sword...always get the drake sword

ddurand12536d ago

i cant buy this game until im done with demons souls, im only about 50% done!

i wish there werent so many guides and shit out for dark souls.

ElementX2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

I played DS for about 3 hours before I discovered Undead Burg. I kept on going towards those ghosts in the lake and that Drake place, also the graveyard. Needless to say I didn't get very far!

mstoner822536d ago

I did te same thing. I'm not far into the UB, but holy hell....I had to be smart and start a deprived character, too. Smart me.

ElementX2536d ago

I started as a pyromancer but my friend came over and attacked the guy at the fire shrine so he kept killing me every time I spawned. I started a new character, a Wanderer and I discovered the Undead Burg with him.