PS3 Attitude: Rage review

PS3A says: "There is a point in Rage when it stops being a solid FPS and becomes a great one. That moment occurs about two or three hours in, just when our recent hands-on preview ended."

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Heartnet2477d ago

Well Deserved :) im 2 and a half hours in (lol im busy alrite?) and im loving it :)

limewax2477d ago

6 hours in and it just keeps getting better. I get the feeling I am nearing the halfway point though.

Not a big fan of the tech itself however the game is actually one of the best I have played in a while. It lacks depth as an RPG so I have been treating it like a twitch based shooter and its making for a really good experience

Grimhammer002477d ago

14hrs in and loving it!
It's just fun to explore and the tension is awesome.
Play on nightmare though....too easy otherwise.