Team Ninja to Push the Wii U to its Limits

Team Ninja’s (Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, Metroid: The Other M) head of localization Peter Garza told VG247 that the group is hard at work on Ninja Gaiden 3. While in a very early stage of development, Team Ninja promises that the game will turn heads on its Wii U debut:

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MultiConsoleGamer2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Whatever they make, I hope its better than Metroid: Other M.

MoXxXi2419d ago

Wii U. Ninja Gaiden. Oh, I remember this. Hopefully they can deliver on this. Would be mighty nice.

Hufandpuf2419d ago

I'm sure it'll be awesome, but I doubt it'll push It to it's limit this early on. No offense but I don't think a hack n slash is going to be the best the WIi u can produce.

EcoSos32419d ago

This is good, Other M looks and play amazing I dont know why people keep saying is was bad.

SCW19822419d ago

It did play very good. But the whole direction they took Metroid was just wrong. The story made Samus look like a whiny bitch

EcoSos32419d ago

The story was made by Nintendo not Team Ninja so is not there fault.

Sobari2419d ago

Did you ever read the Metroid manga? Other M is actually more faithful to the official story than the rest of the series. However, since most people probably only know the series for its games, it probably wasn't in Team Ninja's best interest to go the route they did.

ronin4life2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Wasn't samus a young adult in other m?
I'm pretty sure EVERYONE is a whiny bitch at that point in their lives.
I mean, no one is born a badass.

Devinchi332419d ago

True, but the real problem is how late in the timeline this game takes place. By the time Other M happens, Samus has already fought and defeated Ridely like 5 times, and she still cries like a baby? I mean, I could see her like this during her first mission, but after Metroid, II, Prime Series, and Super Metroid she should be a hardened veteran by then.

On a side note, the gameplay of other M made it one of my favorite of the series.

ronin4life2419d ago

I guess that makes sense. But then, what about the fact that as a character, Samus is still a human being with a soul and a past. Not an emotionless monster.
I think people should be less offended by the fact that she has more human thought processes than your typical character.

ChickeyCantor2419d ago

A trauma isnt pushed away by the stuff that made you a veteran. In fact veterans end up with traumas as well. When you kill that which hunted you since your childhood, and then it's back to life you would shit your pants as well. Not to mention the fact this was a direct copy of ridley and not a mutated or mechanical one. Samus is much more human than mosr video game characters. Behind al that badassness she is still that fragile girl. But she overcomes it and thats the very thing other m did. People are confusing the real samus with the mute one which only presented the badass girl. But did it ever come to your mind that the creator of samus always intended her to be like this and not what people made up to fill up the blanks since we hardly knew about her in the past?

HawtSkull2419d ago

@Devinchi33 the prime series isn't cannon and she only killed ridley once before other m in super metroid.(he was just defeated in the original)

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belal2419d ago

push wii U to the limit? lets start with ps3 shall we? none of the developers have even maxed out the ps3, how will they even be able to max out wii U?

JonahNL2419d ago

This is just typical PR. Basically, a console could never be maxed out. There's always this tiny little thing that could be optimized just a tad more to improve this or that.

TheEatingVodka2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

LOLLLLLL "none of the developers have maxed out the ps3" seriously?
This console is freaking 6 years old.. They already maxed it no matter what they tell you..
Nothing can look better than Uncharted 2/3 same about Gears of war 2/3 on the xbox

Etseix2419d ago

nothing can look better ?

i dont know abotu you, but The last Guardian is also looking incredible o.O

JellyJelly2419d ago

It's funny how many of you PS3 fanboys eat up all the PR bullcrap. You really think the cell was designed by aliens, don't you?

belal2418d ago

says the guy with one bouble....

if ps3 is maxed out, why does ps3 games looking better and better? uncharted 3 will set the bar yet again and after that the last guardian and maybe another god of war game....

Titanz2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

"Specific group of fans that abolish commonsense, and adhere to only what they believe is necessary".

matey2418d ago

its because of tricky hardware thats the big draw this gen easy code its like Darksiders2 developer Virgil said 2 lines of code in 5 mins we had the whole game running on Upad thats the difference it would take 6 months on ps3 hardware ps3 was slow and expensive to develop 4.

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