Zune creative director leading Next Xbox development

Speculation is rampant that Microsoft will be unveiling its next-generation Xbox at the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo next June. And while specifics on the next Xbox remain under wraps, information has begun to leak out on who will be leading development on the new console.

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MultiConsoleGamer2326d ago

Um, Zune wasn't exactly a success.

fluffydelusions2326d ago

True, but the xbox name is more recognized and established than zune.

RememberThe3572326d ago

Thats the point. This guy was supposed to make Zune a recognized name and he didn't. He took a great product and couldn't sell it at all. Hopefully the guy is there for the hardware/software development more than the business strategy.

omi25p2326d ago

Well i use Zune Everysingle day. It links my phone to my computer to my xbox

MultiConsoleGamer2326d ago

Zune definitely isn't a bad product. I'm only talking about the marketing angle.

TheEatingVodka2326d ago

He's not talking about the service man.. He's talking about the device itself like Zune 80, Zune HD etc

VonAlbrecht2326d ago

The Zune wasn't a success, but you can't refute that the design of it is incredible. This guy obviously knows what he's doing.


thats because the more popular Ipod and Iphhone killed it.

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JBSleek2326d ago

I think it will be more social/online based. Next cycle probably won't be about how many pixels you can push but who has the most appealing ecosystem to play in.

Sobari2326d ago

Zune? Next Xbox confirmed for flop.

LackTrue4K2326d ago

I used to have a first gen Zune, liked it and all but its battery sucked!!! and well i like the current Zune and all but, it still sucks.

Nevers2326d ago


So Zune and xbox360's DRM are the only things I really really REALLY hate about my console. The fact that I buy a movie/show and I can't watch it unless I have internet connectivity to Zune really pisses me off. Same thing regarding 360's DRM with regards to all the xbla games that suddenly turn into demos when a storm hits.


t(-.-t) ZUNE.

I only hope you rot in hell with all the Virtua Boys and my Amiga1200!!!


KaBaW2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

I used to have that problem, regarding the XBLA games becoming 'trials.'
I'd take my xbox out to a buddies, and I could never play 'my' full XBLA games.
As it irritated the hell outta me, I decided to look into it, see what the deal was.
Apparently, most of those games weren't linked to my xbox; the licenses, I mean.

You can get on and transfer all the licenses to your xbox.
This will allow for all your paid-for XBLA games to be playable offline..

Nevers2325d ago

Thanks dude... I'll definitely look into it. I've called XBL before regarding this and was essentially told "Tough luck". Things must have changed.

KaBaW2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

No problem. Hopefully it works out. Have you gotten a new xBox lately?
When you buy a game on an xBox, the license is linked to that xBox.
So, if you switch to another xBox, all those licenses are not valid offline.
But, you can only (if I remember correctly) transfer licenses once a year.

Yeah. They do that sometimes, lol. Might've gotten someone who didn't know.
Well, anyway, hope you can figure it out, and hope this helps you.. (:

Nevers2324d ago

Yes I actually did get a new 360 fairly recently. I guess I see another call to Xbox upcoming.

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The story is too old to be commented.