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Why Call of Duty will Never Fail

Tribune writes: "This decade has been infested with first person shooters. There is a reason why developers all around the world are choosing the genre, it comes down to simplicity. Ever since the days of Halo and even before than, shooters have never really had depth as a genre. Halo happened to re-define the controls on the consoles making the genre a lot more accessible and easy to learn." (Culture)

Valay  +   1300d ago
It probably won't fail in terms of a sales perspective. Black Ops has still been hitting the top ten NPD charts.
Ziriux  +   1300d ago
Exactly, I think purely on sales and profit to the developer is going to keep going and copies will sell. The only damage they might do is to their core audience, which hasn't minded the quality of the games.
decrypt  +   1300d ago
Console gamers only have 1 game that actually runs at 60fps as a first person shooter. Sure there is Halo but thats xbox exclusive.

I feel console gamers like COD because it provides the smooth experience other first person shooters dont, since other shooters on console are only 25-30fps. Hence console gamers are very very limited in choice, they are essentially limited to the COD series if they want a smooth experience, which is why i dont see this franchise going down anytime soon.
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limewax  +   1300d ago
All trends die, CoD will too one day.
Dart89  +   1300d ago
Of course in sells it won't.But in quality damn does it sux big time.
Cinotix  +   1300d ago
Whats quality these days though? The length of the single player, the depth of the multiplayer. I think in regards to the online component besides battleflield and gears of war I can't think of any other games that even try to offer something good.
decrypt  +   1300d ago

Its 60fps on console as a shooter, there isnt another shooter asides halo which is exclusive that provides the smooth experience that COD can provide, and since kids on consoles like to shoot stuff COD sells well.

Its not like console gamers have a verity to play genres like MMO's, RTS which imo severely limits their choice to FPS and since COD is the only multiplat FPS that provides a 60fps game play they are very choice limited.
RedHotChiliPepaSpray  +   1300d ago
your not thinking very hard then
masteroftheclaw  +   1300d ago
I wasn't sure what to think when I read the title, but the points presented in the article actually make a lot of sense. No matter what some people say, it's true that the series is hugely popular with tons of people. Many gamers play it and so too do many not-really-gamer people for its simplicity.

I think it'll definitely keep going strong unless somehow on day people don't like FPS games anymore. But when would that be?
Cinotix  +   1300d ago
Never. As long as it's idiot made it'll be a commercial sales success for the developer, it's the type of world we're in idiots run it as proven by Call of Duty's yearly success.
ThatGuyInTheHat  +   1300d ago
I'm actually anxious to see the sales comparison myself. Honestly, I'm pulling for MW3.
Ziriux  +   1300d ago
I hate to say as much as I dislike Call of Duty, I'm afraid there won't be a comparison between the two in sales maybe in quality yes and I think that Battlefield will take it there.
Cinotix  +   1300d ago
I think that Battlefield will clime a bit but nothing to give competition. At least not for the next couple of years it takes more than just improvements to beat your competitor.
cb810  +   1300d ago
It doesn't matter what they put out, people will buy it. I know I will
Ziriux  +   1300d ago
I don't know this year has Arkham City, Assassins Creed, Battlefield 3, it's going to be a busy season. Hopefully some parents will skip MW3 and buy AC Revelations.
Muitnorts  +   1300d ago
I'm certainly skipping it for a bit this year. No way I'm juggling it with Batman, Uncharted 3 and Skyrim.
Godmars290  +   1300d ago
because like good, gamers are dumb.
farhsa2008  +   1300d ago
and its idiot like this guy who keep buying trash from companies like activision and capcom which will mean the trend for charging $60 for annual titles with little improvements continue!
JBSleek  +   1300d ago
So he is an idiot because he buys a game he enjoys? 25 Million people are idiots because they all enjoy a video game and are willing to pay that $60 each time for something they enjoy.

Okay sir, that makes sense.
Kaos_Vll  +   1300d ago
I was going to say the same thing. People are now considered idiots for buying a product they enjoy?

I HATE vehicles in my FPS MP, the very reason why I avoid battlefield games(but have played them), but I'm an idiot because I don't enjoy it?

I'll never understand the guy that wants to drive a tank or fly a chopper in an FPS. What's wrong, can't you shoot a gun? Can you only be dominate when you're in a tank and your enemy has a rifle? Just how sorry are you guys at aiming a damn gun?
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kma2k  +   1300d ago
Never is a very long time!
JBSleek  +   1300d ago
Every empire will fall.

Greece,Rome, Mayans,Medal of Honor, Guitar Hero, the inevitable fall of America.
kma2k  +   1300d ago
inevitable? Weve been falling for a while its just slow motion!
Godmars290  +   1300d ago
How did you miss Britain?
And Guitar Hero didn't so much as fall, but was pushed.

Pushed out the door 3-6 months apart that is.
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EcoSos3  +   1300d ago
I give them 3 more game after MW3 before people start losing interest in them.
giantchicken  +   1300d ago
Personal blog?
SpaceSquirrel  +   1300d ago
I think sales will decline but not to the pint of what happened with Guitar Hero
narutogameking  +   1300d ago
Love it or hate it Call of Duty will always sell a lot. They ARE quality titles believe it or not.

Just like those Super Mario games. Do you hear people complaining about graphics on those games? No. Because its not important.
Gameplay > Graphics
gazgriff2k12  +   1300d ago

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