The length of Uncharted 3's campaign

Game journalist reveals how long Uncharted 3's single-player mode lasts for (and on which setting), while saying it's one of his top 3 games this generation and more.

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coolbeans2506d ago

8 to 9 hours on Normal if you don't want to click on the link.

Thatguy-3102506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

His other top two are uncharted Drakes fortune and among thieves lol :p but in the serious note drakes deception is sure going to be a hell of a ride !!! November 1 is creeping up pretty quick !!! Might get the game early if I attend the amc event later this month ..anyone in LA planning to go to one?

EVILDEAD3602506d ago

UC 1 was cool..but UC2 was like the best 10 hours you could get in an adventure game. I remember being wowed by Tomb Raider but I remember just being blown away form the first sequence on..but it was the first time you walk into the village at the last level of the game where you see how far Naughty dog had pushed this title graphically.

I will never claim that UCs have the best endings..but the journey there is what it's all about. Hands down the best voice acting of ANY franchise on the market. Give these miracle workers two years and we are all going to be graced with 10 hours of some of the best cinematic experience in gaming period.

Naughty D for the win...


jony_dols2506d ago

Also we must not forget the separate co-op campaign mode ,that is playable offline, which also has a story that ties-in loosely with the main campaign.

Prototype2505d ago


Voice acting I'd give it to Metal Gear Solid; UC2 as a close second. However both games made me a proud PS3 owner.

NewMonday2505d ago

U2 was the first game in a long time that I re-played over and over, the best SP action campaign this generation. So for me it will be more like 30h

Panthers2505d ago

@ EVIl

UC1 actually had an amazing ending I thought. The last fight on the boat in the rain was epic. But I also thought UC1 had a much better story than UC2. Still both were the best games this gen.

inveni02505d ago

I agree.

The Uncharted games are far and beyond the most amazing experience that there is in entertainment. I used to look forward to movies, but now all I want is a new adventure with Drake. It always promises to be a great journey, with more jaw dropping moments than all other games this gen combined.

And the voice acting. Awesome.

Commander_TK2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

I'm going to play it on Hard first so I unlock Crushing mode. So make that 18-20 hours for me :)

inveni02505d ago

I always play on Normal first because I don't like getting frustrated on my first play through. The only recent game I started on Hard was inFamous 2, and that's only because I started knowing I was going to go bad karma the whole way and that it would make Hard easier.

But with Uncharted? I like my first play to be all about story.

Marceles2505d ago

I start off playing on Hard...for one, you don't notice how hard a game is if you start off the game hard. You can always downgrade if it's too hard, but that's never been the case.

In my experience, Hard has been harder than Crushing. On Hard, the enemies stay back and lob grenades and then shoot you when you pop out.

On Crushing, the computer is so sure they'll kill you that they just run up to you making it easier to blind fire.

MaxXAttaxX2504d ago

Unless you're trying to beat it as fast as you can(speedrunning) just to prove a point.

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ReservoirDog3162506d ago

That's a pretty good time. I loved Uncharted 2 but it felt just a little* bit long. I loved Uncharted 1 cause it was a good weekend game. Over really quick and it's so fun that you start it over the second the credits roll. Uncharted 2 was like a game that takes the whole week. Of course that's not a bad thing but it was just a change of pace.

So, in my mind, I hope 8-9 hours makes a nice middle ground.

OcelotRigz2506d ago

Man, i wanted Uncharted 2 to last forever.

Xalaris2506d ago

How do you not like a game for being long?

sikbeta2506d ago

Man, you crazy! :P I wanted the game to keep going, no different when I get U3 :D

ReservoirDog3162506d ago

Haha, I'm just saying it was a change of pace. I must've played Uncharted 1 15 times cause it's so easy to get through. Uncharted 2 was great (see my bio). Loved every second of it. But I was just used to the lightning pace of 1.

Again, not saying it was bad. Just meant I loved 1's pace just a little* more cause of replayability.

rjdofu2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

@Xalaris: if a game sucks, then i want it to end quick. The better the game, the longer I love it to last. For UC2, I wish it lasted forever.

Same as UC2, here's what I'm gonna do with UC3:
- Beat Normal mode
- Beat Crusing mode
- Go back to Hard/Easy to find treasure & trophies.
- Finish all the remaining modes.
- Invite some friend to play co-op.
- Spend the rest of the time with multi.
Few hundred hours right there.

DMason2505d ago

If this were any other game than Uncharted, people would be up in arms about the short playtime.

inveni02505d ago

My six-year old beat Uncharted 2 on Normal in about 12 hours... So how you could not beat it even on hard in 8-9 seems a little strange.

I understand what you mean about it seeming a little long, though. There were parts where I felt like the story was making too many circles, but that was just a fleeting thought for me. Deep down inside, I wanted it go on and on and on. And I DID start it over the moment I finished.

In all, I've beat Uncharted 2 four times, so that's about 40 hours of gameplay. I reckon U3 will be the same. I'm fine with that.

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StraightPath2506d ago

That really sounds very cool. Can not wait for another epic journey with Nathan & Co.

BlackPrince 422506d ago

I wish it was an hour longer, but if this means that ND is doing away with the spawning waves of enemies I'm all for it.

Savoring an Uncharted game over the course of a week is practically impossible anyways because they're paced so well. I usually finish in 1-2 sittings just because there aren't many places you feel like quitting.

inveni02505d ago

Yeah, my only complaint about any of the games is that the gunfights seem to last a little too long. They're always fun (and necessary), but there are a couple in each game where I go, "Really? More? Sheeesh..."

I like the levels where things keep moving (like the tank level). I don't mind more and more bad guys as long as I'm progressing. If you stick me in a room, though, there shouldn't be an endless supply of henchmen flooding through the door.

DFogz2505d ago

@inveni0 - The goddamn shootout in the trainyard in UC2! I hated that gunfight on Crushing. So many snipers and shotguns just kept on coming and they never missed a shot lol

inveni02505d ago

I got through that (I assume you mean the train wreck part) using all stealth kills except for the last two shotgun dudes. Stealth kills made Crushing much easier, and most levels were designed so that they could be handled using stealth alone.

Kalowest2506d ago

WTF, that's short. I like UC, but not alot of replay value and the MP for UC sucks.

skip2mylou2506d ago

where was this complaining when it was revealed halos campaign was this short same with gears and cod

jony_dols2506d ago

9 hours is a good time for a campaign playthrough in this gen.

And what a glorious, epic 9 hours it will be.

samuelboyz2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )


andibandit2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )



almost nothing but praise here, and one bad comment and you start dragging Halo, Gears and COD, into this
ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFL!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! !!!!

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MsclMexican2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

8 to 9 hours..

I hoped it to be longer

But the amazing thing is the overall replay ability of the campaign. The Ai always changes and meaning everyones experience of the game is very different, and you get a different experience every time you play

So lets re calculate
8-9 hours on a straight run
10-12 hours looking for all the treasures
22-24 hours on crushing difficulty play through
100-120 hours playing it cause its always different also playing with all commentary from members of cast and team
300-400 hours playing co op adventure with friends
400-500 hours playing co op modes
???? hours playing multiplayer

This game will probably last me infinite hours....

E2M2505d ago

normal diff is quite easy and I've always played them on hard so it would probably make it longer

BinaryMind2505d ago

I don't care if the game is 500 hours and not awesome. Game length is a non-issue.

dredgewalker2505d ago

Amen, I only got 4 hours of gameplay from Vanquish but that was one of the best 4 hours I've had and it didn't even have a multiplayer game.

geddesmond2505d ago

8 or 9 hours long and if its anything like Drakes Fortune and Uncharted 2 then the average one person replays campaign will be 5 times

showtimefolks2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

a great story than 10hrs of set pieces. Also maybe ND should consider doing some single player dlc as side stores what you all think would something like that work in UC universe?

vanquish is 4-5hrs long but a great experience. so every game does not need to have 20hrs story. also gears 3 is about the same and i had a blast with that, anything loner and it would have gotten a bit boring.

9hrs of awesomeness or 20hrs of fetch quests or a story that's just there and does not make any sense

coolbeans2505d ago

You know guys, this information falls under the "+" bubble of helpful *wink*. Just saying

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MultiConsoleGamer2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

The multiplayer alone makes this the 'game of forever.'

Rod2506d ago

Raptor Jesus died for our sins.

trenso12505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

I think you mean rapture

Dante1122506d ago

Sounds good to me, tho I think it'll end up taking me 9-10 hours like UC2.

Rage_S902506d ago

Irvine even said that it’s one of his top three games of this generation. Excited yet?


Mr-Dude2506d ago

I don;t believe this...
Uncharted 2, i played it on normal and it took me over ten hours. I enjoy the scenery, the levels the graphics!

So no.... If you rush yes maybe

elshadi2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

it will take me hours to enjoy the level of the gfx
and add to that the 9 or 10 hours of one of the best storys this gen
and after i finish the SP
i will be playing the MP for ever

lol at the disagrees that every one gets
this site is truly over run by trolls

vickers5002506d ago

Or they disagree with your comment that it will be one of the best stories this gen.

Just a thought for you.

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Who2506d ago

Any game I play I usually start on the hardest difficulty to get the full intelligence of the AI, lol. But yeah, the previous UC's took me over 12 hours because I like to explore for treasures, and just look into the horizon sometimes.

I know UC is not an open world game, and I wouldn't want it to be, but I would like more than 1-2 ways to get to certain checkpoints sometimes.

After I complete the game, I'll most likely go into 'crushing' and try to get the remaining trophies I missed. I don't usually play the MP but I guess i'll have to to get the MP trophies as well. I'm not a fan of UC's MP. [*shields from bashing]

That should last me until AC:Revelations comes out the following 2? weeks later.

fedex6822506d ago

I play Uncharted 2 on easy and completed it in 12 hrs!
Before anyone says it...yes i am a noob!

beavis4play2505d ago

hey - i think it's ok to take your time to complete a game.....i do it too. i don't understand why so many people want to run thru a game as fast as they can.

ilovemyps32505d ago

man, i finished uncharted 1 in about 17 hours.
uncharted 2 in 18 hours, both on normal.

incredible games like uc2, in 10 minutes, i spend at least 3 minutes looking at graphics, textures, effects, everything. i'm not a noob, but i don't want to finish a game like uncharted 2 in 8 hours. i really want to ENJOY it...

i guess i will spend 15-18 hours on uc3, if i play on difficult mode.

geez, can't wait for this game.

Pozzle2505d ago

To be fair, the reviewer/journalist probably had to rush through it if they are releasing a review of the game soon. The average person might take longer if they are exploring and enjoying the game.

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Tarantino_Life2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

To summarize his tweets - He says Uncharted 3 is the best Uncharted game, the best game so far this year and easily among the three best games of this generation.The action sequences are jaw dropping apparently.Here is the pic of the review code he received for all the UC fans!

elshadi2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

wow awesome man

and ohhhhhh boy
some people(you know who)
will get very upset with this

Tarantino_Life2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Yeah bro totally agree!. Certain bots are going to be super pissed for no fkin reason. As if it prevents them from Enjoying Gears or other games that they have. There is some idiot who is disagreeing with all comments in this article. Did even the most deluded 360 fanboy think that ND was going to screw up UC3? LMAO!

Gamer30002506d ago

lol yeah
uncharted 3 will take me away from every thing
even from my wife

humbleopinion2505d ago

It's so totally funny to see how even in PS3 ONLY related articles, it's the PS3 fanboys themselves who bring up games like Gears.
Tarantino_Life, did you see any comment from any "bots" here apart for yourself mentioning how awesome/long/whatever Gears is!? Why are you even bringing this game up aside from the purpose of trolling?