Pick & Play: October 9-15

Happy Columbus Day! It's a week to celebrate, for sure, with a new bounty of releases ranging from AAA to "what were they thinking?" and everything in between. Racing and flying and zombie-slaying abounds, as well as swimming and posturing and dancing one's posterior off. To the release list!

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earbus2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

Ha forza 4 will be the second new game i got all year first was gears 3 been catching up on all of last years games im playing 10 months catch up all the time. My friends are disposable gamers get the new thing each week seems a waste of cash to me its not like they are going to vanish,kind off sucks how fast console gamers abandon games unless its a blockbuster , pc games from 10 years ago still have really strong communities alot not all console gamers seem more into the latest fashions and latest trend in whiney speak.