CVG: Battlefield 3: Returning to its roots on Wii U?

The problem with collecting 31 of your friends and staging a battle in real life, complete with tanks, jets and more assault rifles than a texan gun shop, is that you're all too often mistaken for real soldiers and accused of trying to spark a minor war.

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MultiConsoleGamer2535d ago

Wii U does present some intriguing ideas, although I'm not sure the hardcore gamers are going to want to play games like this with a tablet.

JonahNL2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Even if I don't like the term, I consider myself to be a "hardcore" gamer and I'm more than willing to use the tablet. It allows for the entire hud to be placed on the touchscreen.

This opens up tons of gameplay possibilities. Imagine Batman: Arkham City with all your gadgets selectable on your touchscreen or a multiplayer game where you can communicate easily through commands available on that very same screen.

I hope it works out well for Nintendo. I've never lost faith in them.

MultiConsoleGamer2535d ago

Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited for the Wii U tablet. I can't wait to own one. I just think certain games will work better than others. I guess its all up to the creativity of the developers.

JonahNL2535d ago

You're absolutely right; it all comes down to the developers. Most hardcore Wii games barely tried to do anything special with the motion controls.

One great example of proper usage is IMO MadWorld, a game that makes it fun as hell to swing around your WiiMote.

If developers can really improve the experience with the tablet, that would be great.

ChickeyCantor2534d ago

" with a tablet."

Are you implying there are no actual buttons on it?

Even if you're not you make it sound like there are no buttons on it.

gravemaker2535d ago

i'll play on pc, thanks, dont need any wii u

EcoSos32535d ago

Nice now we can mark where the campers are hiding.

WhiteLightning2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Were going to get this untill the PS4/Xbox 720 is announced, where developers will start making the better console version of a game on the Wii U

Then when they see what the PS4/720 has to offer it will blow their minds and they'll stray away from the Wii U, making the Nintendo console yet again the least powerful one, thus leading Nintendo to target the casual audience again as since they know now the casual audience never fails them......or will it

Shackdaddy8362534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

You've got two options:

1.) X720/PS4 will be much more powerful than the wiiu but cost about $800.

2.) X720/PS4 will have about the same power as wiiu(maybe a little more) and be competitively priced. I'm leaning more toward this...

People have to stop acting like the tech for X720/PS4 will be miles ahead of everything because it won't.

qwertyz2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )


nintendo has already said that wiiu won't be significantly more powerful than current hd consoles so what are you talking about ? if 720 and ps4 are a little more powerful than a console thats not that much more powerful than current ones then that would mean there will be no next generation leap so your comment fails

nintendo is being very cheap like they always are thats why wii u doesn't even support internal hard drives or dvd playback that even 6th generation consoles supported(xbox1 and ps2) so no wii u will not be much more powerful than ps3 and 360 nintendo even mentioned it themselves it will have more ram though thats for sure


50% more powerful than ps3 is nothing even a single gpu high end pc from 2006 is more than 3x more powerful than ps3 :/ so even if wii u is 3x more powerful than ps3 it will still be no where near as powerful as a modern high end pc.

so what if a few devs say the specs are "good" does that really mean anything ? no it doesn't they may just mean in comparison to current consoles but wii u will be nothing compared to pc

or do you really think a console as small as wii u can supprt cooling solutions potent enough to cool modern high end parts ? really ? lol no nintendo is being cheap if not wii u would at least support internal HDDs and dvd playback

Shackdaddy8362534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

Actually Nintendo hasn't said anything about the specs. Some devs say it's about 1.5 times as good as the PS3, some say it's better than that.

Crytek, EA, and many other devs have said the specs are really good(and this is with under-clocked dev kits).

Don't make up fake quotes.

And just because the console doesn't support DVD playback doesn't mean the specs fail. Nintendo is using their own disk drive which rivals blu-ray.

MrWonderful2535d ago

While I will own a wii U as well I expect the next genrtation of playstation and xbox to be out by then.

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