The Ultimate Manly Gaming Cast "It's time for another "Ultimate Cast List", although it's a bit o a special one this time! Last time we showed you our casting for a Grand Theft Auto Vice City movie. This week, to go along with our theme of "Top 10 Manly Men", we've decided to try and match these characters up with the actor we feel would do them justice an ultimate manly movie was ever made into a movie."

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MultiConsoleGamer2539d ago

This list is so manly it will make you grow hair on your chest, even if you are a woman.

fozzness2539d ago

Now there needs to be a more woman focused cast list

DeadpoolBub2539d ago

I aprove of Frank West on the list. But why are there two Final Fantasy characters on a list of manly game characters?

Relientk772539d ago

Wait, I see one Final Fantasy character? Barret

Relientk772539d ago

I would have put Nathan Drake on the list