Rage against the (console) machine

Matthew Murray: Over the past week, I’ve done something I’ve never done before: played a new video game before it’s released to the general public on a console, rather than a PC. And part of me hopes I never have to do it again.

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OcelotRigz2504d ago

I think Rage is mentioned once ore twice. Other than that, hes basically comparing PC's to Consoles and explaining why he prefers PC's.

At least i found out what Alt-Tab does, very useful.

BattleTorn2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Oh come on!

Should I write PC reviews having never played on the platform?

"And after this seemingly forever "install" I had to look online and find out I also needed to update some "Driver" thing, I don't know how people do this!"
"and then I went to buy another graphics card to find out their $### Dollars!!! Whhaat!"(note the exaggeration)

Hey Mathew, why don't you stick with what you know.
Your console experience consist of NES,SNES,Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcastm, and Nintendo Wii.

Seeing as you skipped out on PS1/PS2, and the original Xbox, and seemingly the PS3/X360 aswell, I think you shouldn't write review for console versions.

"But the sharper lines [AA] and more defined colors I’m used to weren’t there."
I'm glad my eyes are spoiled; ignorance is blitz when it come to graphical superiority.

(If you disagree with me fine; but go check out the comment under the article)

EDIT: in retrospect, he barely attempted a review, and stuck exactly to what the titles was.

joab7772504d ago

I guess I really need to get a PC because to me, the game is stunning on ps3, one of the best looking games on console. My only issue is that it felt like fallout so i wanted a huge fallout-esque game. But, the animations are second to none. The weapons are great and feel great. The AI is pretty good and hit detection is perfect. I think it suffered from being caught between a corridor shooter and an RPG and it turned off enthusiasts of both. But,ill take a gorgeous fps that is longer than 8 hrs, hasn't great moments and gives u other things to do, any day. It is solid 9 and a move in the right direction in so many ways. It just didn't feel finished and once u introduce RPG, in order to please us, u have to c it through.

But...damn, if he had a hard time w the graphics, either the Xbox is behind ps3 or i need a PC now.

Pintheshadows2504d ago

I built a new PC fairly recently which is a powerhouse. Played Witcher 2 which is jaw dropping on max settings. But I played Rage on my PS3 and this guy is just a whinging PC elitist. If he had played Rage on PC he would probably be complaining that consoles held it back.

I guess what i'm trying to say is a phrase that involves mountains and mole residences.

StayStatic2503d ago

Never did understand this sofa business, comfy = tiredness = mistakes / noobieness. Give me a nice stiff chair any day , like to be on the ball :P

Unless im watching tv or playing mass effect , yer i had to get comfy for all that endless RP , think i spent half the game watching it. Still enjoyed it but you get the point :P