Id Explains Lack Of Deathmatch In Rage Multiplayer

Tim Willits recently explained why id Software’s new epic, Rage has no deathmatch or any other sort of competitive shooter multiplayer.

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fluffydelusions2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Sorry but this was a bad move IMO. People expect deathmatch in an FPS game not vehicle combat. Just seems so out of place. I will wait for twisted metal for vehicle combat.

Sunhammer2535d ago

Deathmatch results in too much movement, more open maps, and would result in all onscreen textures to be lost.

In short, they didn't want people to realize how ugly Rage really is.

STONEY42535d ago

Doom 4 is going to have deathmatch in, and they already stated that the multiplayer portion of Doom 4 will be 60fps. Same engine too, so I don't really think that's the reason.

And vehicular combat kinda results in even MORE open maps, so that argument doesn't really make much sense.

Impaler2535d ago


Yes Doom 4 will do this, but Doom also takes place inside corridors which makes DM games as easy as cake to make. Rage is designed completely differently and imo, really wouldn't work with the Rage universe.

radphil2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )


The many interior/corridor missions in the SP game says otherwise.

There's even an "arena" in the game too. >_>

InNomeDiDio2535d ago

Who needs a MP when the SP is the most amazing experience according to games I've had in the last years.

Zephol2535d ago

It's hard to understand. Because it simply does not have deathmatch?. Would have much more success if they did.

bumnut2535d ago

ID pretty much invented death match too, can't believe it is missing.

topgeareasy2535d ago

because of consoles


RememberThe3572535d ago

But they wont explain the texture pop-in? Thanks...

Perjoss2535d ago

Zero texture pop in on my PC, nada, not even a tiny bit and it looks amazing.

Ranich2535d ago

And you're simply lying to us all.

Perjoss2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Why would i lie, what would i gain from that, im not an employee of id or bethesda. If you know what you're doing with the rageconfig.cfg file you can make your Rage run sweet and look great, as long as you dont have a gfx card with tiny amount of ram.

scofios2535d ago

you must have some special pc that nobody els have D:

xAlmostPro2535d ago

The texture pop in is terrible, i was literall in a tiny space where the wall on each side of me was punchable and if i looked left the textures shifted then i looked right and the same thing -_-

Some parts are fine and it can look amazing but sometimes its awful and everything looks like its shifting lol..

BattleTorn2535d ago

great game! so addicted right now

solar2535d ago

as a fan of id, RAGE so far has been so uninterestering. are gamers standards lowered? nothing about the game has been worthy of what experts give the game favorable reviews. i just dont undrstand why AAA games get constant good scores when they have been mediocre at best. all RAGE is is a recycled bunch of do this, get that, boring borderlands quests over and over again. ive lost faith in fellow gamers on what is good. and great 10/10 and Gamepro 5/5 review scores (which they seem to think everygame is perfect) we see nowadays.

Lyr1c2535d ago

There isn't much special about the game. It's just a compilation of shoot things, and look pretty.

Other than nice animation and spectacular A.I., the game doesn't have much going for it.

Great work on the technical side, but they may need some new game designers.

madjedi2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

My only complaint is a serve lack of rpg elements, i was under the impression it would be like fallout or borderlands. It's a good game from what i played of it, but had i known it was a fps only game i would have got dark souls instead, kinda tired of fps games atm.

Now a fallout next gen using rages engine, that will be a day purchase without question. Rage feels like how a next gen fps, should to an extent be it's without a doubt more enjoyable than crysis 2.

@solar You realize your using extremely subjective terms, borderlands was a blast to me, it's a difference of opinion really and professional review scores are borderline useless. Except pointing out horrible or bad games, even then you get reviews that are out to trash/mark down a game that doesn't deserve it, due to reviewer bias against certain genres.

User reviews in large numbers are generally more reliable than what scores alot of websites give out. The other problem is the number or letter grade system itself, and the supposed quality level it represents, when you factor in a reviewer preferences ect.

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