Battlefield 3 Beta: The Glitchfest of Awesome (Part 1)

PushStartSelect: "As pretty much everyone knows by now, we have all been granted access to the Battlefield 3 beta through PC, PSN, and Xbox Live. While I feel Medal of Honor owners got jipped by only getting it two days early, less than that on PSN, that is beyond the point. What did we feel about the beta? And how do we feel the final product will be? Will check out some of our thoughts during this three part series."

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BrianC62342471d ago

Oh boy, another opinion on the glitchy beta. I guess there's nothing better to write about right now.

SITH2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

These people are silly. They have no idea what a beta entails. As beta testers gamers are to experience the bad problems and report them. This author apparently has very limited to absolutely no experience with betas to not know as much.

BrianC62342471d ago

I don't think Dice wanted the glitches but they probably needed a version of the game that was the same on all platforms and this is what they had. It looks like its pretty old. I don't even care about this game but it amazes me the garbage people have written on the Internet like this article. It will probably make some developers think twice about public betas. Until recently betas were supposed to be ept quiet. You tell the developer about the problems. Go back to that.

SITH2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

I don't know what you mean until recently, I have been beta testing for many years. Games and computer software. I am a member of Microsoft connect a beta testing community. I have been ever since xbox-live launched. I beta tested live through the program which anyone can join. Betas are nothing new, open or closed. What is new is the total oblivious people who post this crap and have no clue what they are talking about. I have never seen so many articles written on a subject about betas, when they are clearly ignorant of them. It is like little whinny kids are writing this crap. Betas are a privilege. Like you said, they really don't have to share them with gamers if they are going to be stupid about it.

zeeshan2471d ago

I wish dice had let the beta roll till the release date. I had only started to enjoy the beta and now it is gone.

Ninjamonkey822471d ago

Big difference between a beta and a finished game tbh just a ha look at some the latest footage rolling out.

BX812471d ago

This beta was pretty awful in terms of number of glitches. With that said I hope they can fix what they need to before the release or push the release date back if need be.