CheatCC: Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Review

Making a choice between soccer football games has never been easy, and this year is no different, with both Konami and EA vying for the affections of sports gamers. And while FIFA 12 is no slouch, Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 has proved itself to be a viable alternative.

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OcelotRigz2506d ago

How is this game getting so many positive reviews?
This year was the last straw for me, they have had since PES6 to make another great PES for this Next-Gen and they have failed every year. But every year they show signs they are on the right path and everyone thinks 'Next year is gonna be the year'. They had 5 chances and still their games, although having the right idea of how football should be played and featuring some great moments, are flawed messes. I have nothing but pure frustration for the series.