PSN Firmware 4.0 Ideas

"Whilst Playstation Network currently offers a competent array of features including online play at the enticing price of zero, the service could always be improved on. From evidence based on previous Sony press releases regarding firmware updates, gamer feedback has always sought after more and expected more considering the console is marketed as an online gaming network aswell as a media device. Two stand out criticisms gathered from gamers who spend their time on the service include the much debated “Cross Game Chat” or lack of, which has now been clarified as a RAM issue within the hardware rather than the simple task of a software update. The other seems to be regarding the design and output of the service itself, although not the majority, there are gamers who believe the network is more suited to a media player rather than a gaming network and needs some fresh ideas to give PSN a more community oriented feel and look."

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Nawabi2541d ago

.mkv support is what I want

gameguru2541d ago

Yeah that would be cool

maniacmayhem2541d ago

That would be awesome. VLC player also, anythat could play .mkv's and read the .srt files.

UltimateIdiot9112541d ago

That's the one feature I want above all else right now. I've been asking for that since 4 years ago.

=/ I have my doubt that it would be implemented mainly for the fact that's what HD rips tend to use.

xJumpManx2541d ago

Get rid of Cinevideo protection.

BigBoss072541d ago

They need .mkv support and a new web browser. If they stick with the old browser, they should at least update the flash support like they did when the in-game xmb came out.

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waltyftm2541d ago

One update i would love to see in 4.0, is the ability to delete multiple save files at once, i have an obscene amount of Fallout 3 and Oblivion saves i no longer need.

lorianguy2541d ago

And copy multiple ones at once. Backing up is a pain when you have a lot of games.

KwietStorm2541d ago

I copy my save file every time I'm done playing. Takes 2 seconds and saves a lot of headache later.

The Real Peter Moore2541d ago

I agree and cant understand why something as simple as that isnt already in there? i come on Sony, why are you sleeping on it?

DA_SHREDDER2541d ago

Just make the OS imprint smaller so even more juice can be squeezed out of the almost 6 year old beast. But next gen we won't have to deal with that. Even Nintendo is gonna have a beast of a machine. So let us give this system its final main update, 4.0, cause there will be a new system before there is 5.0 update, unless they come out with a new add on attachment, but that could only happen if they go totally online via PS Cloud.

Bounkass2541d ago

All I want to see is Xross Game Voice Chat, again...

NarooN2540d ago


Get over it, it's been confirmed for Christ's sake.

Ethereal2541d ago

I think we are due for a big update soon. I have my hopes for some cool features!

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