Taking The Field With The NFL Sunday Ticket On PS3

GameInformer: "For years, people who lived away from their hometowns only had a few options to watch their favorite football team play on Sunday. You could go to a local bar and spend a ton of money on food and beverage to watch the game, scour the web for an illegal stream, settle for an audio feed like the olden days, or sign up for DirecTV and drop hundreds of dollars on the NFL Sunday Ticket package. Now you can skip the new satellite TV service altogether and access the NFL buffet via your PlayStation 3.

After a bumpy first few weeks where service issues forced Sony to offer PlayStation Store vouchers to angry subscribers, I spent my Sunday taking in the first 12 games on Sunday to evaluate whether Sony worked out the kinks and, most importantly, whether the PS3 version of the Ticket is worth the steep price of admission."

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refocusedman2416d ago

does anyone know i this can be used with more than 1 psn acct if so i would split it with my friend.

Solidus187-SCMilk2416d ago

not sure but Im pretty sure it cant. It is linked to a certain PSN account.

kma2k2416d ago

This is WAAAAY to over priced. I had the baseball package this last year, it cost $120.00 & worked perfectly with the ps3. Not to mention baseball is 162 games for $120 that comes out to $1.35 per game. The price they want for football is insane!!!!!

DeFFeR2416d ago

Umm... ignoring the fact that you can't do math ( you get more than one teams games... so really its 162 x 30 teams, or however many teams in the MLB there are...) and ignoring the fact that NFL is 10x as popular as MLB, I agree that it's overpriced.

feelintheflow2416d ago

Its the same price it would cost someone who already had directv and had the nfl package. My Dad has had the package for years and he paid the same amount. If you join Directv it is free this year, but will cost the same next. I paid for it this year, and after the week 1 debacle, it has been pretty good. Not quite HD but pretty close. Best I can do until I get directv. They finally added local channels in my area, so I will be switching from my terrible cable company.

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