Xbox Live TV on the way, are ISPs ready?

Xbox Live will soon enter the television streaming ranks, but are ISPs ready to handle yet more streaming, and how will they treat the growing data demand from their customers?

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bgrundman2473d ago

Seriously? Who even asked for this?

StanLee2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

Ah . . . I'm grateful for it. With the additions of Hulu and Netflix, I got rid of cable. I only watched a handful of channels and between the two I can easily find something worth watching for $16 a month. I'm grateful for even more options.

AmaZinG2473d ago

Future will be more and more digital.

Godmars2902473d ago

I dropped At&T because they capped their bit rate.

kreate2473d ago

my isp is ready. bring it on.

Grimhammer002473d ago

In Canada their are no unlimited providers.
This messed up xbox Canada is really stupid.

We already have issues with netflix providing edited content. But even more of an issue is the band width that's needed....then the limit on that band width per month.

I'm surprised 360 only owners aren't staging protests. MS give them lots of unwanted or rather unasked for features. Then gives them a "hardcore" title 3-4 times a year...maybe 1 of those is 1st party.

These days....I have no friends who own ONLY an xbox360. I remember when things were very different.

banner2473d ago

Things are different maybe because a true gamer,not casuals, tend to get all consoles before the gen is over?! Or at the least 2...Just a theory though.....

_Aarix_2473d ago

You can be a "true" gamer and have one console. Its more about acceptance than money.

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