Reconsidering PS3′s Afrika

BigShinyRobot: Afrika is Rhino Studio’s first attempt at creating a game on the PS3. Unfortunately, reviews have been mostly unfavorable as it just doesn’t appeal to most audiences. Most people I talk to about it just assume that it’s just insanely boring. Actually, I’d be willing to bet that most gamers today who would even turn it on wouldn’t last 15 minutes before switching it out for Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto. The reason, I believe, is that modern gamers need that constant barrage of stimulation to the senses and this game is presented at a much slower pace. However, I have always been a huge supporter of new ideas because the thought of another cookie-cutter FPS makes me gag. I will admit that my first impressions of Afrika were……well, a bit off.

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Ramas2541d ago

i wanted this game a lot, but when i tried it it sucked a lot.
It could have been very good game if:
1. Huge open world
2. Rpg elements, like stats how long you survived in the wild, what you acomplished, many side quests, secrets, seling rare photos and for cash buying all kinds of cool items and so on.

But i repeat first and most important thing should have been huge open world and freedom.

rezzah2541d ago

It's not that the game sucked, you just don't have a passion for animals and a lot of patience.

This game focuses on the habitats of real animals, not pokemon.

it also goes on to show you the lifestyle, in a sense, of a photographer who takes pictures of animals for a living.

The game takes a very realistic point of view, it doesn't do fantasy which is why people like you dislike the game.

Ramas2541d ago

you do not get me, i liked the idea a lot and it could have been very good game. (i like animals)
If it would be posibble to have freedom and huge area to explore not instanced missions it would have been much better game.

rezzah2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

The areas are already huge, the sense of how big they actually are would really sink in if we didn't have the jeep to drive around in.

Also any game would be far more awesome, or at least we may think (sometimes areas are too big for one's liking), with bug areas but it also puts a strain on what is within that environment. Notice that the biggest area had the most open space? That's to reduce lag with so much going on at once in a small area. It is easy to spot a slight lag in animal movements when driving really fast in a tight area.

Edit: What I'm trying to say is enjoy it for what it is, not what you want it to be or could of been.