Batman Arkham City DLC Priced And Dated

We already knew that Arkham City would have DLC but now we know how much its going to cost and when we can expect it to drop.


With the arrival of new information,
Nightwing DLC Price and Date have been added.

As well as a Release Date change for the Robin Bundle.

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jeancrd2618d ago

Awesome!! Cant wwait!!!

BiggCMan2618d ago

I'm not disrespecting your excitement for this, but i'm just curious as to how this excites you? Your paying 5 dollars for some stupid skins that could have easily been added to the disk as some neat unlockables. They are just conning you into paying for something that needs to be included in the game. No different than every other game that releases that kind of DLC so soon after release. Gears 3 for example, it's an embarrassment the way they released those skin packs.

BDSE2618d ago

Microsoft and Sony require that publishers and developers list planned DLC for approval before they licence the main game.

jeseth2618d ago

I also can't wait for Batman AC but I will call a spade a spade. I criticize other games for it so I won't be the kind of fanboy that makes excuses for it .... WHY the F are they already announcing DLC? All it tells me is that they had this content planned and kept it out of the game so they could milk the popularity of the budding franchise.

I criticize other games for it so I have to call out Batman AC.

Poor show, poor show.



Considering that many games came out and never had any DLC I don't really think this is the case.

That said, it's truth that MS and Sony make money from it too, but I still think it's a publisher decision and not a cleaver one.

Games this gen lack on unlockables and most of the DLC stuff could fit there perfectly! Skins, characters, weapons, vehicles, levels... Oh boy, long time I don't see a secret level, that's some really rewarding stuff... No surprise the used market is so damn big.

LackTrue4K2618d ago

@Arron, yep i see that too. like how MS gets call of duty maps first. still wish they wouldnt do that!

BDSE2618d ago


I know people who work in the industry as I live in an area that has a load of UK developers based here and I'm afraid you're wrong. If the game is to have DLC it all has to be pre-approved as part of the licensing for the main game, that means that it has to be in advanced stages of planning and its why developers and publishers are often able to place key assets for the DLC on the physical media.

Sony and Microsoft are keen to have DLC as it increases profit margins and developers and publishers are keen as it decreases the likelihood that the game goes into the pre-owned market.

PRHB HYBRiiD2618d ago

a few years ago when u completed a game in its hardest mode...u unlocked stuff like skins and u have to pay for it?? this is BS

Dno2618d ago

Instead of killing other peoples excitement for it just do not buy it. As soon as there is no money in DLC these devs will stop. After all if the companes are as greedy as you say then is all about the money.

Anyway I like the skins and will purchase it.

Yi-Long2618d ago

... seriously considering cancelling my PS3 pre-order of the CE. It's been nagging at me these past 2 days, kinda ruining the whole excitement of getting the game.

The only reason that's kinda keeping me from cancelling it, is because it's a birthday-gift from my girlfriend, and I have no idea what else to ask.

I'm probably better off just cancelling it and waiting a few months or even a year to pick it up from the bargain-bin. Maybe even wait for the GOTY edition.

DLC sucks so bad it ain't even funny.

edit: Also, for me the PS3 DLC would be about 2 euro more expensive than the same content on XBL marketplace. 560 points is about 5 euro if you bought your points smartly, while 7 euro is 7 euro. Instead of paying 5 euro too much, I'd be paying 7 euro too much.

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cjflora2618d ago

I'm a little disappointed by the Catwoman portion being paid DLC because I rent most games. I understand the need for an online pass because they have to maintain servers and such after the release of a game, but it's sad that they're now doing it for access to things in the single player now. I've been playing Rage, and got excited when an NPC told me about the sewers and their likelihood of treasures! I found an opening to a sewer and was prompted with a message telling me to get the $10 DLC to enter.

I'll probably reluctantly get the Catwoman DLC because I expect it to be an amazing game and I don't mind giving them $10 because they deserve it, however with all of the texture issues that Rage has I will not be praising them with any extra money.

Virus2012618d ago

I don't think that the Catwoman story would be dlc. In GTTV they said that you start the singleplayer as Catwoman.

cjflora2618d ago

Oh, I think I was reading too fast. They said catwoman is DLC or included with a new game, but they must have been talking about the skin. I guess I figured with DLC being announced they had to have something besides skins and made the conclusion that they meant playing as Catwoman. My bad.

Michael-Jackson2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

The Catwoman DLC is not from the main story, you can still play as Catwoman. The DLC is for four Catwoman levels.

GuruGavrill2618d ago

oh dang, we already got some DLC in the works!

SilentNegotiator2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

It sounds like it's just the pre-order bonuses, though. You know, the ones they spread around the globe at different retailers. The Batman suits from different universes and the Robin skin/map thing.

What a dirty move. Even if you pre-order the game at a few places, you STILL can't get all of the bonuses (unless you pre-order at places across seas). So they give us "incentive" to pre-order, and then try to sell us the other incentives?

WitWolfy2618d ago

wait for the GOTY then? They always include EVERYTHING then

Pikajew2618d ago

They should put the Music Meister in the game

MoXxXi2618d ago

Why is there already DLC...Lol. I guess I never really understood the point of releasing DLC before a game came out. Or developing it, I guess I should say.

GuruGavrill2618d ago

Gears of War 3 did the same thing, more or less.

RandomDude6552618d ago

If it's already done, why isn't it in the game?

Stop doing this developers/publishers....


Stop buying DLC, that's the only way they are going to get the message!

until that happens, as long as they can make a profit from it, it will continue. They have no respect for our wishes as gamers.

Just like any industry really, they respect the profit margin and anything that will make it fat!