IGM: I'm an Idiot Review

IGM Writes: I’m an Idiot, developed by PompiPompi, is a strange game,with an even stranger title.
I’m an Idiot sees you controlling a red shirted guy, who presumably is the idiot, who has to avoid walking into people bigger and stronger than him, but at the same time walking into people who aren’t. As you proceed through the game taking down the smaller guy you find yourself getting bigger and stronger, while earning points. This results in you being able to take down guys you weren’t able to take down earlier in the game.

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RandomDude6552478d ago

Well I heard from this review that if you beat up people smaller than you that you grow and possibly not be an idiot anymore.

Time for you to start beating up little kids I guess


MY FAVOURITE!! thank you dr. cchum! you are the best!!

ElDorado2478d ago

I feel like IGN are idiots.

thereapersson2478d ago

Except that this isn't IGN. Unless you were just stating something completely unrelated to the article, of course...

ElDorado2478d ago

Actually yes I thought this was IGN, but I was wrong, I knew this after I posted it cause cchum said it, but I still feel like IGN are idiots.

RandomDude6552478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

IGM writes: "I'm an idiot"

Well, acceptance is the first step.