Marooners' Rock Review: Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X HD (XBLA)

Chris writes: "When Resident Evil first came out, it introduced millions of gamers to the survival horror genre it solidified and defined. It also helped make zombies the oversaturated theme it is today. Well over a decade later, the franchise is still going strong with dozens of games across multiple gaming platforms. Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X recently made its debut on PSN and XBLA, but it originated on the underappreciated SEGA Dreamcast as Resident Evil CODE: Veronica. Due to adding the "X" to the end when re-released on the PlayStation 2, it rose to new levels of success and fame before making its way to the Gamecube as a rare port, and a must-have for fans. So, now that it's made its way to another console, how does it stack up to its predecessors?"

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